eMeals Ambassador: Q&A with newlyweds and Paleo subscribers Allie and Brandon Gee

Q&A with eMeals Paleo Subscriber Allie Gee

We love highlighting our eMeals friends. Today we want to introduce you to Allie and Brandon Gee of Lynchburg, Virginia. We recently met Allie on Facebook, when she told us how much she and her “meat-loving” husband, Brandon, enjoyed our Paleo Meal Plan. Allie says eMeals has helped them rein in their food budget and get back on track to eating healthy again.

Q&A with eMeals Paleo Subscriber Allie Gee

How long have you been married?

Brandon and I got married last July, shortly after we both graduated from college. I’m originally from Vermont, and he’s from Texas. Turns out that one of my biggest newlywed challenges was finding food that satisfied both of our palates.

How did you hear about eMeals?

My mom heard about eMeals from some of her colleagues at work, so she gave it a try. She shared the 14-day free trial with me and suggested I give it a try. I’ve been using eMeals ever since.

How did you plan meals and shop before eMeals?

I have to admit, despite growing up in a household where my mom meticulously planned our meals, it did not come natural to me. Before eMeals, meal planning was a disaster and resulted in Brandon and me eating very unhealthy, expensive food.

Though I was mostly looking for the meal-planning benefit from eMeals, it was a pleasant surprise find that I actually spent less on groceries, even though we are eating healthier. eMeals took the guesswork out of healthy meal planning. Instead of eating pasta and freezer meals, we can trust that eMeals will deliver a healthy variety of dinners that we love.

Q&A with eMeals Paleo Subscriber Allie Gee

What’s your current Meal Plan?

Paleo—and we absolutely love it! The Paleo Meal Plan fits perfectly into our lifestyle and with my efforts to eat healthy and feed a meat-loving husband. While I wouldn’t say my husband and I are hardcore Crossfitters, we do live an active lifestyle. Since we both have office jobs, it’s important for us to stay active outside of work.

Do you use the free eMeals mobile app?

Yes, and the shopping list is one of my favorite things! I love that the eMeals mobile app updates when I remove meals from my plan, and that ingredients are organized by grocery store section. I love that I can add groceries I need outside of the plan! Needless to say, the app has saved me a lot of time and headaches. I even have an iPad in the kitchen so I cook right from the recipe using the app.

Q&A with eMeals Paleo Subscriber Allie Gee

Do you find that having meals planned encourages you and Brandon to eat together?

Yes! eMeals is a part of our daily routine: Come home from work, cook dinner, and eat together before moving to our other evening activities. That was not the case when my attempts at meal planning was more scattered. I think that my favorite part of eMeals is when my husband asks, “What’s for dinner?” I have an answer for him every time—no stress!

Thanks, Allie! Anyone else share her love for the eMeals app? 

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