eMeals App Updates to iOS7


We are excited to announce our iPhone app update that includes a redesign for iOS7. You will find a brand new look that is simpler and easier to read. Additionally, on devices with iOS 7 meal plans will be updated in the background, so you won’t have to wait for updates to complete when launching the app any longer!

We’ve also been listening to your feedback and we have a few new features to go with the new look:

  • Shopping list quantities will be automatically updated to reflect the appropriate quantity when skipping meals.
  • When checked, completed items on the shopping list move to the bottom of the shopping list and out of the way.
  • Touch a shopping list entry to edit it and see which meals an item belongs to.

Do you have the app? Do you love it? Let us know what you think by leaving a review on the app store.

7 thoughts on “eMeals App Updates to iOS7

  1. Pete Kane

    I’m so excited …..we used your program for several years but quit because I couldn’t keep track of my favorite meals. My paper filing system and cutting and pasting my favorite meals on cards just didn’t work.
    So you have us back and we will tell our friends too.

  2. Jennifer

    I really like the update, but I think a nice feature would be the ability to create a “favorite recipes” list. Sometimes on weeks where one or two of the meals aren’t to my liking or include foods I don’t eat, I like to go back and cook old favorites. Searching through past weeks one at a time is cumbersome.

  3. Patty Mantell

    I downloaded the app for my iphone and I can not get anything. I log in, but it does not show any of my meal plans from the past. It really shows me a green emeals bar at the top, then Your Meal Plans: which then says view older plans. I click it and nothing.

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