Emeals Big Team Event

This past Saturday we gathered our Emeals Team for our annual Big Team Event. We have the greatest, most quality group of people I could ever ask for. Talented, smart, gifted, creative, productive, caring….are among the few words I think of to describe this remarkable team.

From each area of our company – menu writers, customer support, editing, technology, administrative, public relations, marketing, graphics, and social media – the collaboration that takes place is one, large on-going engine fueled by the hard work of these exceptional people.  The end result of what flows from this team translates into a dinnertime solution that serves thousands of people and families all over the country.

Thank you – Thank you – Thank you to our Emeals Team!


2012 Our Emeals Staff

Other event highlights………


Kitchen Aid mixers – Our way of saying thanks!

From E-mealz to Emeals

 Saying goodbye to the “Z”!

Great conversation – Great Time – Great Food!

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