Free Printable eMeals Binder Cover


Many of our longtime members have been printing out their menus and saving them in binders with sheet protectors for months or even years. That way they could print out the recipes and meal planning guide, star the meals they really enjoyed and then pull them back out to sub in for another meal in a future week that didn’t appeal to their family.

Since we’ve heard this type of story or comment so many times, we decided to create a fun binder cover for our members to be able to print out and use for a little festive flair! We hope you guys that are still printing out your menus and saving them enjoy this little free printable.

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8 thoughts on “Free Printable eMeals Binder Cover

    1. Ashley Leath - Menu Editor

      Hi Tamara,

      We don’t currently have a list like that, but it could be a great idea for a future blog post. Stay tuned!

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