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Our Christmas Traditions | eMealsWe’ve gathered a collection of treasured holiday memories to savor and share in hopes that it will stir you to do the same with your family or circle of friends. Happy holidays to you and yours!

Christmas Eve Traditions

Jenny, VP Meal Planning and Cofounder: “I give my girls new pj’s the week of Christmas to wear on Christmas Eve. After supper, the girls have always stolen away to one of their rooms for a sleepover, watching White Christmas and Elf, while Mr. and Mrs. Santa work to get all ready. They are NOT allowed downstairs for any reason! This was particularly painful on Casey’s last Christmas before she got married, realizing that she wouldn’t be there anymore:( SO SAD! Christmas morning, we stake our claim for a comfy seat and open stockings first.”

Judy, Marketing: “My son finds a nutcracker every Christmas Eve under the tree, themed around current happenings in his life like the bagpiper nutcracker he got the year he started college and became a Covenant Scot, or the policeman nutcracker the year he got his first speeding ticket. He is up to 23 nutcrackers so far.”

Our Christmas Traditions | eMealsKate, Menu Editor: “My parents had a Christmas Eve party for almost fifty years. At some point, Mom quit sending out invitations, as it wasn’t necessary any more. People still came year after year. You see, this party became a tradition for friends and family in my hometown of Shreveport, LA. One thing folks could count on was some darn fine food and lots of it.  And every Christmas morning for as long as I can remember Mom would walk into the kitchen proclaiming, “Why I must have fed 150 people last night. They went through that tomato aspic like it was their last chance.”  Even though I didn’t carry on the tradition of a Christmas Eve party, I created my own tradition to remember that party and especially my Mom. Every Christmas morning I look at my husband and say, “Why I must had fed the masses last night. They went through ______ like there was no tomorrow.”

Josh, Technology Team: “Each year my family makes pizza in the shape of a Christmas tree for Christmas Eve dinner.”

Doug, Internet Marketing Director: “Late on Christmas Eve, my wife and I sit down and read the story of Christ’s birth and his death on the cross. It is great to spend quality time together and remind ourselves of the hope that comes with Christmas.”

Joyful Visits to See Saint Nick

Our Christmas Traditions | eMeals

Aaron, Chief Technology Officer: “We make sure we get pictures with Santa every year….our kids just love it!”

Keep It Casual

Josh, Technology Team: “I listen to Vince Guaraldi’s ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ on repeat from Thanksgiving to Christmas.”

Mark, Lead Software Engineer: “We read the Christmas story and we just stay in all day. We also make fondue.”

Our Christmas Traditions | eMeals

Julie, Menu Editor: “Each year I can’t wait to unpack my two favorite ornaments that my mom and I bought many years ago at the Women’s Exchange Club store in Memphis, TN, where I grew up. One is a cross-stitched ornament that reads ‘All Hearts Come Home for Christmas,’ and the other a little felt Christmas mouse that sits in the kitchen windowsill. Once these treasures are on display, I know the holidays have begun.”

Our Christmas Traditions | eMeals

Movie Time

Chris, Technology Team: “Every year, we wait and wait for after Thanksgiving so we can start listening to Christmas music and watch the family classics White Christmas, Elf, and Jim Carrey’s The Grinch. Of course, no Christmas season would be complete without multiple viewings of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (but that one’s not for the kiddies). One small tradition is that we (or “Grandma”) usually get the girls new pajamas and let them open that one present on Christmas Eve to wear.”

Jessica, Menu Editor: “We always watch the movie White Christmas and dance along during the ‘Sisters’ song.”

All About the Food

Our Christmas Traditions | eMealsScott, VP Food Marketing: “For us it’s all about food, so my wife and I are always looking for ways to build deep family connections and traditions in the kitchen. With a tween and teen that can mean something as ambitious as making fresh fettuccine for the neighbors or something as simple as baking up batches of snickerdoodles for coaches and teachers. The key is that we’re communicating love through food.”

Ashley, Menu Editor: “My mom always made homemade lasagna for Christmas. Each year, she rolled out the pasta dough on the counter and my siblings and I watched her cut it into wide noodles by hand. Then we built a fire and ate dinner together as a family with Christmas music playing in the background.”

Heather, Social Media: “Our family goes to my parent’s church for Christmas Eve service and then eats Chinese food afterwards!”

Our Christmas Traditions | eMeals

We’d love to hear what special memories you make and share with your family and friends each year. Share in the comments below, or tag your tweets, Facebook posts, Instagrams, and Pins with #eMeals. Happy holidays, from our family to yours!

-Compiled by Julie Gunter

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