Clean Eating Jump Start Guide

Complete the 7 day challenge with the Jump Start Guide. Includes:
  • Clean Eating Overview
  • Weekly Meal Plan Outline
  • Seven Dinner, Lunch and Breakfast Recipes

eMeals Connect – Blogger Network

Checklist for getting started:

  1. Add the eMeals Connect Badge to your blog. You’ll want to use the one from our affiliate network to get paid for any new subscribers you send our way.
  2. Take the code provided from and signup for your free one year subscription and review the plan on your blog.
  3. Feel free to use any content posted as long as you credit us for it with a link back to our site or with your affiliate link.
  4. Take part in current campaigns and SUBMIT YOUR POSTS ABOUT US HERE.

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9 thoughts on “eMeals Connect – Blogger Network

  1. Laura Gonzalez

    I used a groupon for 12 months of online breakfast, lunch and dinner planning. I am having difficulty changing the lunch and breakfast to the Whole Foods organic menu. Please advise. Thanks email

  2. sabina

    I was wondering if substitutions can be made to the menus, I just became a member and a few recipes call for pork and bacon. For example the ginger orange pork. I do not eat pork for religious reasons. Am I able to substitute chicken or beef instead for the recipe? Thanks

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