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FREE PDF: New Year, New You Healthy Recipes under 400 Calories and Under $4 per serving

Thai Pork Lettuce Wraps

This is an example recipe/photo from the free PDF of recipes that are under 400 calories and under $4 per serving.


Download this printable guide to building a healthy snack.

Use this PDF link to go with the image above for a printable seasonality chart.

10 Ways to Slim Down Your Summer Cookout from eMeals

10 Ways to Slim Down Your Summer Cookout

Lose Weight/Get Healthy

With so many people wanting to lose weight and eat healthy this new year, we should know what our calorie intake needs to be based on age and activity level.


How do you actually lose weight? Use the information below to explain to your readers that cutting 500 calories from their daily calorie intake will help them achieve their goal.


To Lose Weight, a simple chart for tracking your daily calorie count goal vs actual intake will help you stick to a plan.


Looking for great recipes that are under 400 calories per serving and under $4? Feel free to use any of these great recipes. Under 400 Under $4 and use any of the images below. Spotlight all 9 or choose your favorite from the group.


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