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eMeals HeadquartersWe are so blessed to have so many loyal fans and subscribers to eMeals that we wanted to give you a little bit of an inside peek at our office. This is where everything happens to get your meal plans to you! We share a little bit about ourselves, our office, our test kitchen and more on our Instagram page, but we thought you’d want to see some more in depth pictures of our beautiful office building here in Birmingham, AL.

eMeals in Birmingham

eMeals HQWe also have a tech office in Atlanta, Georgia, but this is our home base. This building is where most of your meal plans get created, rolled out, sent out and we test recipes in our awesome test kitchen. Make sure you connect with us on Instagram to get more inside peeks at our test kitchen, recipe creation, team events, and more!

8 thoughts on “eMeals HQ

  1. Dianne Howbert

    Wow! Thanks for sharing the nuts and bolts of where my meal plans come from! I would love to visit, if I ever get the opportunity! I truly LOVE you people in the test kitchens… you have made my Paleo life-style change so easy and tasty! I am 1 yr and 3 mos in, and am down 2 sizes… pretty much where I want to be. I always look forward to my new menus for the week — you guys ROCK!!

  2. Janice

    I kove your menus and the recipes are wonderful. But, the last few weeks you have had a few errors. I use the clean eating menu and this is our 2nd year on your site. The last recipe, skillet chicken with black beans and salsa, had no mention of the black beans in the ingredients or instructions. Even though I absolutely love this site, please be careful when publishing. Thank you!! 🙂

  3. Alice Cahill

    Well this is neat to see! Kind of like your home to ours! I can’t live without my eMeals so I am excited to see where the recipes come from.

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