eMeals iPhone App Features: Managing your Grocery List

The time most of us have been waiting for has finally come. We are proud to announce we have launched our iPhone. The app allows users to access their current eMeals subscription (or try it out on a 7 day trial). Members now have full functionality in customizing their shopping list before and during their weekly shopping trip.eMeals iPhone App Search Feature

For the next few days, we plan to spotlight a few of the top features of the app to allow users to learn how to best leverage the app. We are really excited about the new shopping experience the app provides. Users can now add to and delete items on their shopping list. We have eliminated the need for you to keep that dreaded second list.

Now, you can add your favorite snacks, weekly staples and other desired trip favorites. Simply add extra grocery items to utilize eMeals as your one-stop shopping list.

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27 thoughts on “eMeals iPhone App Features: Managing your Grocery List

  1. Katy

    VERY excited about the app! I have a question–will I be able to store my favorite meals/recipes for future use? Or will they disappear after 2 weeks? Trying to figure out how to best manage that and wondering if I will still need to export faves to my Mealboard App. ?? Thanks for any tips!

  2. Alicia*

    Good app, with a lot of potential. Needs a lot of enhancements. Love selecting the recipes for the week and having the grocery list populated, however, don’t like “deleting” an item and have it struck through, remaining on the list. Why not have the option to DELETE an item and then have it REMOVED from the list, condensing the list as items are purchased or not needed to be purchased. Saves a lot of time scrolling around and allows for focusing on the items needed to purchase at the supermarket. And if my supermarket places an item in a different aisle/section, how ’bout an option to change the section name? Also, allow to print a recipe, either the entire week as a PDF or each recipe individually. If I’m using my iPhone or iPodTouch for something else, I can’t readily check/follow the recipe. Until these enhancements are added, this app is useless for me but I still LOVE eMeals! I’m sure the ‘Droid users would appreciate the same enhancements.

  3. CJ

    Does the app work when not connected tot the Internet? I am wi-fi dependent with my ipod and ipad and don’t have a smart phone.

    1. Heather Brown

      The app won’t update (pull in weekly plans without internet connection), but the functionality of being able to skip meals, cross off items, etc. can all be done without connection.

      As long as you make sure to update your menu while connected to the internet (wifi or phone connection), you can use the app at the store in an off line capacity.

  4. Beth

    I am loving this app so far. I am glad to see that I can add other stuff to my list, too. What would be most cool of all would be if I could combine my lunch and dinner shopping list. You know, so I could just get all the veggies, meat, etc. at once.

    Anyway, I nitpick. Great job with the app.

  5. MaureenO

    Love this App. I wasn’t printing out the PDF’s before but just viewing them on my iPhone as I shopped and then on my iPad as I cooked. But now you have formatted them perfectly for me! I love it. Please add the feature of being able to rearrange the shopping list like the others have suggested here. I love the add item function. I do miss the link to the meal number so I can have more context when looking for subsitutions etc… Sometimes I want to see what receipe the “snow peas” will be use for so I can subsitute the fresh “English Peas” with confidence. I know that is a stupid example, but you get my point. Also can you add photos of the finished dish or a link to photos of the finished dish? I love the slow cooker items in my Clean Meals plan. Please don’t delete these in my plan now that you have a Slow Cooker Plan. Keep Up The Good Work!

  6. Damien

    Really hoping for the android app soon, I understand development takes time, but it shouldn’t take this long. It should have been in the works alongside the iOS version and released with it or very soon thereafter. You are leaving a large portion of your paid users out. You need to crack the whip on your developers! 😛

  7. laura owens

    Love the app on my ipad. I now have two plans, public family and vegetarian and I see I can’t combine the shopping lists, which kind of makes it unusable for shopping purposes.
    But if you only use one plan, its awesome. love being able to add my own stuff to the list.

  8. lisa

    First using the mobile app and found the listing of the items odd. Needed chicken stock for 4 different recipes and it was listed 4 different times, not in a row. doesn’t make much sense and it would make you scroll up and down in the grocery section to catch how much of the product you actually need to purchase.

    Need to clean that up.

    1. eMeals

      Hi Lisa,

      Yes, we’re actually hard at work on updates to everything you mentioned that should make the app shopping experience more streamlined and hardworking for you. Look for improvements ASAP. Happy cooking!

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