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We are kicking off 14 Days of Love with eMeals in honor of Valentine’s Day! First up, you know we love good health! Cooking at home is good for your health in more ways than one.

You probably already know that a home cooked meal is more nutritious than anything you could pick up, heat up, or order to-go. Studies have shown that people who regularly cook at home average fewer calories, less saturated fat and sodium, and more fiber, vitamins, and mineral at each meal. Cooking at home allows you better control over the ingredient quality and portion sizes of your meals.

A recent study showed that children who eat frequent family meals at home are less likely to be obese than children whose families do not regularly eat together. Involving your kids in cooking cultivates healthy habits that will last a lifetime by introducing them to the pleasures of cooking and eating and equipping them with practical skills to cook for themselves.

Best of all, dinnertime brings your entire family around the table together. And what could be better for your overall health than that?

Did You Know: In a recent survey 80% of respondents said they value family mealtimes together, but only 33% regularly enjoy family meals.

It can be hard to get dinner on the table each night. eMeals makes it easier, by providing you with simple weekly meal plans to help you succeed in bringing your family around the dinner table for better health.




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