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52 Reasons I Love You

Are you looking for something to show your significant other how much you love them this Valentine’s Day? If so, we have a frugal and meaningful gift idea to make them feel special. This project takes a few simple things and a little bit of time to invest in thinking about ways you appreciate your spouse or significant other. The best part about this gift is it can spark old memories, it means a lot to the other person and even becomes a conversation piece over your Valentine’s Day dinner.


52 Reasons I Love You Card Craft:


Binder Rings
Card Deck
Hole Punch


You can get as creative and artsy as you want to with this using scrap book paper, ribbon or anything else you’d like to embellish it. Type out 52 Reasons I Love You, the date, or anything else you want to put on the front or back of the card deck. Hole punch each card. Write with a marker or type out and print 52 reasons you love your spouse and put it on each card.


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