eMeals Loves Savings: A Guest Post from Cha Ching on a Shoestring

eMeals Aldi Plan

I remember when my husband and I were first married.  I tried so hard to enjoy meal planning.  I had a folder full of cute little meal planning calendars, creative ideas clipped from magazines and a whole lot of other organizational tools intended to motivate me to become the meal planning wife I thought I should be.

Then came 2008 – that was the year I was expecting our second son and it was also the year that my husband was suddenly laid off.

Suddenly saving money on groceries and meal planning was less about being super-mom and more about surviving our lack of income.

That was also the year that I bought my first eMeals subscription.

If the fact that I started paying for a meal plan after my husband lost his job seems backward to you, may I remind you of the old adage – “Time is money.”

It’s true, you know.

I’ve been an eMeals subscriber for almost four years now.  That’s hundreds of hours I haven’t spent meal planning, grocery-list making, and scouring Pinterest for ideas on how to spend less time meal planning and grocery-list making.

It’s also hundreds of hours I have spent finding other ways to save money – couponing, deal-hunting, freebie-finding, and living large on our limited budget.  I’ve saved my family thousands of dollar since I started paying $5 per week on eMeals.

Talk about your return on investment!  Sign me up for the eMeals lifetime subscription please.

Kaley Ehret is the blogger behind the popular money-saving blog Cha-Ching on a Shoestring where she helps others learn to live LARGE on a limited budget.  Star Wars-speak is her second language and her three young boys and husband are her first love.  

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