eMeals Q&A with Diabetic Subscriber Marlene Glassey

Q & A with Diabetic Meal Plan Subscriber Marlene Glassey #eMealsEats

We love highlighting our eMeals friends, and today we want to introduce you to Marlene Glassey, who we first met back in November during National Diabetes Month. This North Carolina resident appeared on the Charlotte CBS affiliate to talk about the success she’s had using our Diabetic Meal Plan. When Marlene’s not spending time with her husband of 33 years, this 2nd-grade teacher enjoys cooking for her family.

Q & A with Diabetic Meal Plan Subscriber Marlene Glassey #eMealsEats

What encouraged you to try eMeals for the first time?

In 2014, I found out I was diabetic, a diagnosis that was very unexpected. My doctor agreed to let me try a couple of months of diet and exercise to see if I could turn things around. Unfortunately, my follow-up blood test showed there were no changes. I realized I had to change the way I cooked and ate.

One of my daughters-in-law told me about eMeals. I perused the website, then downloaded a Diabetic sample menu. My husband and I tried a few recipes that week. We enjoyed the meals so much that I signed up for a year.

Has the plan been beneficial from a health standpoint?

My husband and I have each lost about 20 pounds. My most recent blood work shows that I’ve been able to keep my blood glucose under control—my last A1C test was 5.7%. I’ve also been able to reduce my “bad cholesterol” (LDL). Needless to say, my doctor was astounded by the encouraging numbers. Even though I am taking medicine for both issues, she asked me what else I was doing to make this change. I told her about eMeals. Better still, my husband says that suppertime is wonderful with all the great-tasting eMeals recipes. We don’t even feel we are on a diet. The eMeals plan has taken all the guesswork out of what I should be eating.

How did you plan meals before trying eMeals?

It was hit or miss, really. Sometimes I didn’t even go in with a plan—I just picked up some things at the grocery store, and then tried to make something. When I did plan, though, I didn’t always follow it.

Q & A with Diabetic Meal Plan Subscriber Marlene Glassey #eMealsEats

Are you a confident cook?

I would classify myself as somewhere in between. I enjoy eating and presenting a good meal to my family, so I cook. For me, cooking is an expression of love for my family. I grew up in a home where we gathered around the dinner table every night. My mom cooked a lot of meals from scratch to feed a family of eight.

For what it’s worth, I have a very small, simple kitchen with just the basics. It doesn’t take the latest gadgets or coolest kitchen to make great food.

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Q & A with Diabetic Meal Plan Subscriber Marlene Glassey #eMealsEats

Has the variety of recipes been helpful?

I think that is why the Diabetic plan works for me. I’m not bored with what I am eating. The wide variety of meats and the diabetic-friendly vegetables is amazing.

How beneficial is the grocery list part of eMeals?

The grocery list is vital. Having a ready-made list just simplifies everything. I’m also saving money with the fact that there’s less waste and spoilage—I use what I buy.

What’s your health goal for 2015?

I want to lose another 10 pounds. The first 20 seem to have just melted away since starting the eMeals Diabetic Mea Plan. My reward will be to try the Mediterranean and Low-Calorie plans. I would even like to try the Simple Gourmet plan.

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What do your friends and family say about your success with or enjoyment of eMeals?

They’re very proud of how eMeals is about health, not just losing weight. I’m working hard to get healthy—Losing weight has just been a by-product of portion control and eating the right foods. I have a friend at church that calls me the “Incredible Disappearing Woman!”

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