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eMeals TestimonialWe are excited to be sharing testimonials from our eMeals subscribers on our blog! Kelsey is on our Clean Eating Plan and lives in Ponca City, OK. Read below to get a little insight into how eMeals makes her family’s life a little easier.

I decided to give eMeals a try about 3 1/2 years ago. I was intrigued by the idea, but skeptical that it would really be that “easy”. I remember the first meal I cooked was a wild rice and chicken casserole made with water chestnuts with a side of carrots in sweet sauce. I was impressed immediately, but I knew it had to pass the “family” test.

I was nervous. My husband is a VERY picky eater and my kids…well, are kids. You never know how they’ll react. I nervously watched them as they each took their first bites, waiting cautiously for their initial reaction. I looked to my children first. I took the silence of their full mouths of food as a sign of approval. I looked over to my husband, knowing he would have some sort of opinion on the meal.  My husband’s post-meal words were this, “Hmm, not bad. So, are you gonna stick with this?” Because my husband is not known for his enthusiasm, I took this as a sign of approval also. For those of you who don’t speak husband, that’s code for. “This food is AMAZING. Please make more!”
I smiled and said “I guess we’ll see how it goes.”

I knew exactly what he meant about sticking to it though. I wasn’t what one would call “consistent”. As a working mother of two young boys and the wife of a shift worker, my life has been anything but routine…at the time I hadn’t found much success sticking to anything; between work, housework, cooking, homework, baseball, playdates, gardening, boy scouts, working out, volunteer work, and all the other things that seem to just appear on our family calendar…I did the best I could to manage my responsibilities in the little time I had left of my evenings and weekends. Before eMeals, my cooking consisted of meat loaf, spaghetti, chicken casserole, boxed meals and lots of eating out. I cooked spaghetti almost once a week. I wasn’t pleased with myself. I knew I could do better for my family, and I hoped eMeals was what I needed to get myself organized and motivated.

eMeals Family DInner Table
A real dinner moment in the Wagner family

I continued on with Emeals, waiting for it to get cumbersome and for me to quit. But the months went by and I didn’t quit. Why? because it was EASY. It was EFFORTLESS in fact. My family loved the food. My husband loved the variety and I loved not having to think. Grocery shopping became a one-hour affair; in and out of the store and it required no shopping list prep whatsoever. At first it was a print off list which was great, but now, with the eMeals app,  I always have my shopping list with me and ready to go, which is especially helpful when I decide to go grocery shopping at the last minute.

In the beginning, I kept things simple with a Classic Walmart Family Plan. By year two I decided to change things up and we switched to the Low-Fat meal plan. I felt like it was a healthy baby step in the right direction, while still keeping the food fairly “normal”. My husband was nervous about the switch, but it was seamless. The food was lower in fat and it still tasted great.

But these last two months of my eMeals journey has been the most exciting by far. This last year I’ve really been on a health kick. I switched to all whole wheat breads, pastas and rice. I’ve been growing my own food, I have backyard chickens for fresh eggs and I make my own sandplum jelly (if you haven’t tried it, you must). I just LOVE fresh, homemade, organic, earthy food. I’ve tried to cut preservatives and additives out of our diet as much as possible and I knew the next step was the eMeals Clean Eating Plan. It was the next logical step, but I was nervous about how my husband and kids would react to the food. I felt like I was jumping off a metaphorical meal-planning cliff. What if the food tasted horrible? What if my children began boycotting dinner because they hated it all? What if all the healthy clean-type food didn’t fill them up? I weighed the pros and cons and took the leap.

I’m two months into my eMeals Clean Eating Plan. I didn’t think it was possible for me to love eMeals more than I did, but I do. In my two months of clean eating, I’ve eaten vegetables I NEVER thought I would. Rutabagas, turnips, fennel, beets, brussel sprouts, artichokes….and these are just a few. Every week there are more new vegetables and herbs to try. My kids and I have had so much fun going to the store and discovering this whole new world of fresh food in the produce section. It’s not that I didn’t like these veggies before, but I just didn’t have an organized approach to integrate them into our meals. eMeals was that approach and it has worked beautifully. My kids and husband love the food.

I always laugh to myself when someone asks me what I’m making for dinner. My answer is always the same “I don’t know, but it’s going to be good!” I usually know generally what I’m making because I have to thaw out the meat the night before, but it’s always sort of a surprise. We eat something new every night for dinner, no repeats. I get what’s on the shopping list and each night we have an amazing, healthy dinner.

Another added bonus? I have lost 10 lbs since switching to the eMeals Clean Eating plan. I know that every night at dinner, I can eat the same food that my family is eating and I’m not compromising my health or weight loss goals.

Dinner is an important staple in my children’s lives. It’s something they can depend on. Dinner time is family time. It’s a time to sit and just be together. We gather around the table, we give thanks and we eat. We talk about our day, we share stories, we laugh…sometimes we cry (goodness knows dinnertime isn’t always peaceful with kids) but the important thing is that we do it, every single day. eMeals makes our nightly dinner go smoother, giving me more time to spend on more important things (like hugging crying children).

Being a mom is hard. Balancing life and work is hard. Planning, preparing and shopping for healthy meals for a family of 4 on a budget is hard…but with eMeals it’s easy. It feels so great to save time and money, but it’s an even better feeling knowing I’m giving my kids the healthiest dinner possible, every single day. eMeals helps me be the mom that I’ve always wanted to be.

To sum it up, “Yep. I think I’m going to to stick with it.”


Check out the eMeals Clean Eating Meal Plan here! If you would like to be featured in one of our upcoming testimonial blog posts, please contact us! We’re looking for a loyal eMeals customer who has lost weight using eMeals or someone who has had their daily life affected by using our meal plans. If this describes you, please email support@emeals.com with the subject line TESTIMONIAL TUESDAY.

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