Facebook love all around!

Facebook has brought us so much encouragement, and so many big smiles knowing we are all in the same, crazy boat. Here are some recent posts from our Facebook Fans Family!

Jen Godown Brandes
I love the ease of your menu planning! I print the menu and grocery list and my husband goes to the grocery store. It’s a win win for everyone!!

Chris Arthur
Headed into our 4th week, and loving this! Grocery bill is a third of what it used to be, and all meals are easy and tasty! A guy shopping next to me coincidentally had his e-mealz list in hand; we were both looking for the ‘Simply Potatoes 20 oz potato wedges’ for the ‘Savory Pork Roast’ in meal three next week. Keep up the good work, Jane and Jenny!

My Big Day Planner
Just signed up for E-Mealz and discovered what a great gift it would be for newlyweds. They offer regular, gluten-free, low-carb, low-fat and vegetarian meal plans for two. It’s brilliant! Full week’s menu and a shopping list. Talk about low-stress after the wedding.

Amy Kasianides Nyetrae
OMG- I think I’m in love… 🙂

Bobbi McMasters
We just started E-Mealz and I love it! I always worried about what I was going to make for dinner and if I had the stuff to make it… now life is so much easier! Now I can focus on my college work and take care of our amazing year and a half year old! Thank you E-Mealz! THE MCMASTERS FAMILY LOVES YOU!

Chanel Koot

Thank you! Loving E-Mealz sooo much!! Haven’t had a meal we haven’t liked yet! Been on the plan for 5 weeks! Made Chicken Fried Rice tonight and my 1 year old devoured it!

Greta Graves Dees

Really appreciate what you guys are doing. I can’t use a whole weeks menu (allergies) but use what I can and make changes where I can and will pull favorites from my other weeks to fill in the gaps. You guys ROCK

Christina Ayres

Just signed up for the low-fat family plan. Can’t tell you how glad I am that you ladies have put the time and effort into making my life a little easier:) Thank you very much!

Nina Franciscotty Orr

I’ve got everybody at work checking out e-mealz! It makes life so easy, not having to struggle over what to make for dinner, and actually having food for meals after buying grocery’s, not just junk. Thanks!

Angel Briseno

Just subscribed. Time to save some serious money
Cynthia Lopez Murray
Thanks, Dave Ramsey for suggesting this plan…it really works and the recipes are super yummy and gourmet! My family has been pleasantly surprised and my husband loves it!

MOMumental Savings

Love you guys! I send people here from my Orlando-based coupon classes. You can’t beat the value and SAVINGS! Perfect for couponers!

Christi Spiegel Essigmann

Thank you, E-Mealz! You know the food is good when your husband takes the leftovers to work the next day instead of eating fast food. We are sticking to our food budget and eating more healthy, too!


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