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Family Food & Football


Here at eMeals we love family, food, and gathering around the dinner table to share in fun! We think football season is one of the most fun foodie times of the year between tailgating and exploring new schools, stadiums and the legendary food of that area! To celebrate, we wanted to give you something to help enjoy your family time even more so. You can load up this cooler for tailgating, the beach, lake, or even just hunting.

Make sure you check out our complimentary tailgating menu with the purchase of any new eMeals plan! It includes delicious foods like:

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Sliders

Buffalo Chicken Cheese Dip

Jalapeno Poppers

and more!

Β eMeals, the leader in online meal planning, is a comprehensive meal planning resource that helps provide healthy and delicious dinners for busy families and individuals. Endorsed by financial guru Dave Ramsey and highlighted in the Oprah Winfrey blog, the eMeals weekly dinner plans include grocery shopping lists and recipe instructions that are simple and easy to follow.

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607 thoughts on “Family Food & Football

    1. Sharon in NC

      I’m celebrating my family and all my blessings…would love to enjoy it with a Yeti cooler. It would look great on our deck and boat…got lots of people that would really enjoy it. Thanks for the great giveaway….Happy 4th of July

  1. Cat Moore

    Shared! Would love to won this cooler so we can replace our assortment of ancient coolers we have laying around the house once and for all!

    1. Heather Brown

      Yes, just leave a comment and click the option on Rafflecopter that says you left a comment on the blog post to be entered. Thanks!

  2. Steven

    We camp often with the Boy Scouts, so a Yeti Cooler has long been an aspirational accessory. However, I don’t want to support Facebook or Pinterest, so I guess that means I can’t enter the contest.

  3. Bobbie

    Loving the emails or recipes. Ever since I learned how amazing these coolers are I’ve desperately wanted one for our expeditions! Looks like the only way to transport food πŸ™‚

  4. Kirstin

    These are incredible coolers! My college son introduced us to these. What a great offer.
    Thanks for doing this. I posted on Pinterest and Facebook to help advertise.

  5. Carrie Meehan

    My family and my budget have benefitted greatly from the emeals plan! We’ve enjoyed almost every recipe each week! It’s helped us stay healthy too! A cooler like this would be awesome for tailgating and camping with boy scouts!

  6. Raqueu

    I homeschool and and we often spend the whole day out. This would be great to pack breakfast, snacks, lunches and beverages for the kids, especially when the day is extended and we have play dates and other after-school activities!

  7. Lisa Donahue

    I would love to win this cooler to take with us to all the softball tournaments we go to year round for our 3 girls. We have friends that have these coolers and I have never seen a cooler work as well as these!!

  8. Abigail Gibson

    We would love to win this cooler. My husband would get some good use out of it fishing and hunting not to mention we love their spokesperson.

  9. Beth Carter

    A cooler like this would help us keep our groceries cool on shopping day. We live 30 minutes from the nearest grocery store, and on 100+ degree days, it’s a race home before the ice cream melts.

  10. Christine

    We have used emeals for over a year now and I love them! I’ve gotten several of my friends to use them as well. I would love to have this cooler for our road trips to visit family and friends!

  11. Andrea

    It would be so amazing to win this cooler…we want to go camping when it gets cooler and the Yeti would definitely come in handy! I hope I win!

  12. Jessica W

    It would be awesome to win this cooler! We’ve needed a new one for quite some time….it would be great to take on our outings to the river, camping, and cookouts during the summer!

  13. Ashley Granados

    Besides needing a new cooler in general, my husband has been wanting this brand for a while now. He is a big fisherman and says that these are great!

  14. Kelly Solomon

    My boyfriend and I have been eyeing these coolers every time we step foot in Cabela’s! It would be awesome if I could win one. πŸ™‚

  15. Michelle P

    We love traveling and having family outings in town, it would be great to have a nice cooler to pack a picnic instead of eating at restaurants!!

  16. Nora

    I’ve been using emails for a couple of years now as part of the Dave Ramsey plan and I love it! Would love the free cooler… It well fit perfectly into my budget! πŸ™‚

  17. Mickeale

    I hope I win this yeti cooler because they are awesome! I will use it to tailgate with friends and have fun on the beach on a hot day with cool drinks! Seriously ice lasts for like 10 days in these things πŸ™‚

  18. Amanda

    Thanks to eMeals, I get to spend more time with my family doing fun stuff! We like to be outside and the yeti would make it more fun πŸ™‚

  19. Karen Alexander

    Shared. I would love one of these coolers. We do a lot of outings and this would be wonderful to pack up with good lunches and take with us.

  20. Jeannette

    This cooler would be perfect for hot days of soccer games. Both of my kids play and we end up spending several hours of the hottest times of the day on the soccer fields.

  21. Aubrey M.

    This Yeti Cooler would be perfect for tailgating at Clemson Football games or enjoying an afternoon on the pontoon boat at Lake Keowee! Perfect for all the healthy meals I made to share with family & friends.

  22. Erin

    My husband would love this cooler – we enjoy spending time outdoors with our families whether its camping or jet skiing or playing a friendly (and competitive!) game of badminton.

  23. Bethany Thompson

    I love the outdoors and camping so a great cooler is always handy. Our Yeti cooler would be most used at the race track! My boyfriend is the pit crew chief for the Sikky Manufacturing Drift race team so we often spend many hot weekends camping at the race track and a cooler is a must.

  24. Laurie

    My family has been enjoying Emeals for almost a year now. We currently use only the dinner plan. We have loved trying many different plans in the dinner selection. We just switched to the Mediterranean plan and are really enjoying it! If we win the Yeti we will use it for all of our monthly barbecues, tailgating – for both the kids games and the pro games we go to, camping trips and of course the holidays.

  25. Mike B

    I shared on Facebook. This cooler would be great for the refrigerated or frozen food after shopping in the Texas heat. I don’t live too close to a good grocery store.

  26. Jennifer

    We love to hang out with friends and family…at the pool, the beach or just the back yard. A Yeti cooler would be a great addition to any event. It would keeps things cool and let us chill out!

  27. Wendy B.

    This cooler would be great to use on our frequent family picnics in the park that we LOVE to go on during the spring, summer, and fall seasons! How fun!

  28. jeevon kay

    We love picnic at the park. I always make my own food and drinks and we have fun, play frisbee and enjoy home made food. I’ll use this cooler to keep our food and drinks fresh

  29. Darci

    Thanks to emeals, dinner time has become more consistent, and that is definitely a way I love to spend time with my family! We’d use this cooler for camping, tailgating, and events with our jobs.

  30. Kimberly

    I shared on facebook :)……I love sharing time with my family wether its just sitting home watching a movie, or picnicking in the park. My family is everything to me and and time I spend with them is more important than anything else. the cooler would be an awesome addition to our picnics, trips to the park or even just to use outside when we barbecue to keep our drinks cool in.

  31. mmkeebler

    We’re always in need of another cooler. Every year we wind up needing ‘just a little more room’ for the family and friends outings. Of course, a free one is even better than having to purchase one πŸ˜€

  32. Rhonda Merricks

    This cooler would be perfect for taking home my emeals ingredients, in addition to keeping my 3 competition dance team kids’ snacks at a safe temperature. For a family on the go, this would be a God-send!

  33. Rebecca Parker

    I’ve been using Emeals for a long time and I love it!!! We are on the Clean Eating plan and dinner is always amazing! I’ve been telling my friends and family how great it is, and I share pictures on Instagram all the time. I would love to have a Yeti cooler, my husband and I were just talking about it the other day!

  34. Stephanie S

    I would love to have this cooler to load up some tailgate specials for football games or to take out with us when we go exploring during the beautiful fall weekends.

  35. Beth

    We borrowed a Yeti cooler for our daughter’s wedding did not want to return wow it was great it keep all the food cold . E-meals is great have enjoyed using it.

  36. Dee Dee

    As hunters and fisherman, a Yeti cooler is not just wanted it’s needed. I just joined Emeals and can not wait to try the menu and the pulled pork sliders.

  37. Chanel

    Year round softball tournaments with my family, this cooler would help us keep our sports drinks and fruits and veggies cold for the team!

  38. Julia A.

    What a great website! A friend of mine introduced it to me today and I’ve already spent over an hour checking everything out. We would love to have a Yeti cooler!

  39. Michelle Barks

    This cooler would be amazing. My family tailgates at AR Razorback football games and some ASU Redwolves games too. We also tailgate at our High school football games so this cooler would get a lot of use!!

  40. Kristie Skipper

    We love to have friends and family over…this cooler would be perfect for entertaining on those hot summer days. Our boys also play soccer and having this cooler for game days and tournaments would be AWESOME!!!

  41. Kelli Fitzpatrick

    I would love to win this cooler. We take family road trips and this would be perfect for that. We would also love to use it for our family picnics! Thanks eMeals!!

  42. Cheryl Choinski

    I buy most of my food at the Eastern Market in Detroit, MI. There is so much to do in Detroit that it is difficult to come home after shopping at the market. A great cooler like this would keep my food fresh until I brought it home to the fridge. I also travel to northern Michigan frequently. Of course I bring food with me. What a way to keep it fresh!

  43. Rebecca Lard

    My husband loves to hunt and fish. He has wanted one of these awesome coolers for years now. Hopefully we will be the lucky one selected! I love eMeals! I have shared it with so many friends and coworkers. I am going back to grad school and I love that it saves me time. Every minute counts!

  44. Shannon

    I shared this with everyone everyway I know how. I would love this to give to my brother because he is a camper. This would be excellent for him so he would not have to make trip after trip to town to buy ice.

  45. A

    So, the Yeti Tundra cooler? Does a yeti use it on the tundra or does a yeti DRIVE a Tundra and uses his cooler there? What would be cooler than seeing a Yeti driving a Tundra on the tundra with a Yeti Tundra cooler?

    When a Yeti goes on a trip and takes his kids, do they sit in the back saying, “Are we there yeti?”

  46. Tiffany M

    We would use this for traveling, parties with family and friends, tailgaiting, kids lemonade stands, baseball games!! Would be so great!

  47. Jessica

    This would be so perfect for our family camping trips and days at the beach! Not to be forgotten, days at all the kids sporting events!! With 3 children, ages 2.5, 6 and 13 plenty of food is always needed!!

  48. Jennifer Kincaid

    I love emeals! I just had a baby and am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things with the portion control plan. Oh and of course it would be nice to win a Yeti too!

  49. Kristiana

    I live in Northwest Florida and it is hot,hot,hot for a good long time. Everything food like is toted and a cooler and it goes to the beach frequently. So I would be using this cooler ALOT!

  50. Sabrina

    Each month, our entire family gathers to celebrate the birthdays of that month. My parents have been married for 55 years and have six children, sixteen grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. We out-grew restaurants long long ago so we enjoy meeting at the many city parks in our area although our parent’s home is always plan B. I just love to prepare and share the different EMeals recipes and because everyone is to bring what they can, sometimes we have lots of food and other times it’s just cake and ice cream. I am honored to bring most of the cakes, so finding the perfect “mode of transportation” or “insulated container” for the cakes and/or EMeals dishes can be challenging due to the amount to be transported. Having a YETI Cooler would certainly solve that issue and even though it would greatly diminish the number of future “Oooops” memories of melted ice cream cakes, milky root-beer floats, liquid popsicles and warm devilled eggs, our family would benefit from it’s use by being able to raise an “ice-cold” glass of tea as we celebrate family and focus on making happy memories for years to come.

  51. Gwenda

    I love my family and now that we have moved to north central Montana we will spend lots of time just getting to the bargain shopping that we love to do together. This cooler with make sure all of our frozens make it the 82 miles we have to drive to buy in bulk.
    Thank you

  52. MrsPittsnaugle

    eMeals has reduced my food stress by 75%. I get wigged out planning out the week, figuring out what to buy and when to buy it…eMeals does it all for me. We are well pleased with the Paleo plan and truly enjoy the recipes. Lack of processed food intake has also improved our health. This is on of the top investments I have made for my family.

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  54. Natalie Spaeth

    I would love to win this cooler! My husband and I love to travel and we visit distant family during the summers and we would use this cooler all of the time! I shared on Facebook! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. Brittany DeBernard

    I would absolutely LOVE to win this cooler, simply to give it away to my boyfriend and his family. He was recently deployed to Iraq and is one of the hardest working people I know. He has always wanted a Yeti cooler, but I unfortunately can’t afford one and neither can he. πŸ™ I would love to win this cooler to give to him for his birthday coming up in October. How cool would that be?! He also works in the hot summer sun as a construction worker. He would most definitely put this cooler to good use by preserving his favorite drinks. Not to mention, he is a football fanatic. He loves his green bay packers, but he is up to watching any game no matter who plays. In fact, he drags me to all of his hometown high school football games, but of course I love to just see him happy. He took me to my first college football game as well, but a cooler and drinks would have made it much more pleasant! I can’t tell you how grateful I would be if I was chosen for the giveaway!

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  56. Dawn

    I love love love preparing meals and spending time with friends and family! Packing up a cooler for a mountain picnic is a even better way to enjoy good friends and family and of course good food!

  57. Mari

    We have multiple huge family get togethers each year with our out of state family and we’ve literally drooled over a Yeti cooler for years but decided to apply the money we would spend on the cooler toward our events soooo my poor husband has begrudgingly turned away from buying one each year πŸ™‚ it would be awesome to win one!!! Fingers crossed πŸ˜€

  58. Luke

    I love cooking out with my family, my wife and I take the kids to my parents usually one weekend a month and grill with them and have a nice family cookout….. an awesome cooler sure would help with drinks and meats and all the good stuff you like to keep cool!!!

  59. Lesa

    This cooler would work so well for taking meals to my sister’s house an hour away! We prepare meals ahead of time because her place is small, and we spend our time outside with the kids!

  60. Susan Mocko

    I just love the diversity of the menus. I pick and choose what I want for the week for the selected menus and I am always pleased. The things I have always shied away from are actually GOOD, or better than GOOD. Keep the great menus coming!!!

  61. Christine

    We are in the middle of all our fall sports and I would love to have a new cooler to transport drinks and snacks, in addition to small meals for me so can plan what I’m eating better and not be subjected to fast food. This thing looks so cool!!

  62. Mike B

    since I’m not 5 minutes away from any stores, this cooler would be great for those hot days we go to the butcher for our meat. The rest of the time I’m sure a few beverages will find their way in.

  63. Annie H

    We bought my father-in-law a Yeti cooler a year-ish ago and ever since my husband has begged for one but with that price tag I’ve always said “not yet.” It’d be AWESOME to surprise him with one to take camping, hunting, and on our upcoming cross-country road trip! πŸ™‚

  64. Shelby colley

    I would live to win this cooler because its AWESOME! (And I could throw away the 12 other old & cracked ones we have!) Id like to say it would be full of healthy snacks… But adult beverages is more realistic! Shared on FB.

  65. Melanie F

    My hubby and I love to take our three kiddos out camping. This awesome cooler would help us stay out a little longer with cold food! πŸ™‚

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  67. Chelsea Payne

    I could be a spokesperson for Emeals! I try and tell everyone about the ease and wonderfulness that is Emeals! Thanks for the chance to win.

  68. Bree H.

    We love going hiking and camping together, and this cooler would be an awesome addition to our gear! (Right now we borrow coolers from family every time we head out into nature.) Thanks for the giveaway!

  69. Frances Perrin

    Been a fan of for many years ! Thank you for making the Paleo Lifestyle a breeze to follow ! I love cooking healthy meals for the family at home and on the go when camping ! The Yeti cooler would make it so much easier !

    Thanks E-meals!

  70. Barb

    I love emeals and can’t wait for each weeks new menu! I would love to win this cooler – great for going to the grocery store when living in the desert!

  71. Kim Herman

    We love emeals and would love a new wonderful cooler like this one. My husband has dreamed about getting a yeti cooler! And we can’t stop sharing my meal planning “secret” with others.

  72. Jessica Bennett

    I would love to use this for upcoming football games and family get togethers. We have a HUGE family, so we need a HUGE Yeti cooler. This would be a great anniversary surprise (10/20) for my husband!

  73. Randee Donovan

    A Yeti cooler is a major item on my “Wish List”. What a wonderful contest and prize! I know that my family would get tons of use out of it!

  74. Julie

    Would LOVE to have this to use on our family camping trips! Also, it would be great to have for trips to visit family. We live nowhere near any of our family, and travel a lot to visit them!

  75. Dana

    Never heard of a Yeti, but, with a name like that, it must be an amazing cooler! πŸ™‚ I would have shared on pinterest, but my company blocks that site. πŸ™

  76. Heather

    I would love to win this cooler!
    My family (me, my husband and my 4 year old daughter) would use this when we go camping!!!
    We are emealz subscribers!

  77. Marcus

    I’d love to win this so I could store all my Gulf Coast fish in it after a long successful day of chasing Red Fish on the Texas Gulf Coast!

  78. Kimberly

    As I sit back and relax in the fresh, crisp, autumn air with my family along side a cracking campfire, tailgating party, soccer game, or even a family picnic I can fully rely the Yeti Cooler. The Yeti will provide my family with a successful carefree quality family time. I know the Yeti Cooler will with stand the high heat and humidity in Iowa with the coolers extra thick wall design to assist us with long lasting ice cold beverages, team snacks, and even keep the grillers chilled while firing up the tailgating party on a hot Indian Summer day.

  79. Danielle Tadman

    If I won this cooler I’d make a ton of emeal recipes, pack it full of the food (and beer-of course) and go on my first camping trip with my husband and friends!! :0)

  80. Jo

    We love to go camping and fishing. This cooler would be awesome for that. BUT we also live in a small town and tend to go do big grocery shopping trips that require a cooler to keep the cold foods cold on the drive home…we would constantly be using it πŸ™‚

  81. Patty

    Since my family and I love to get outdoors and our son loves to duck hunt, this Yeti cooler would be perfect for us to use in all of our outdoor activities!!! It would be the best addition to our “most enjoyable things” group!!! Best of luck everyone! Thanks emeals!!

    Patty Crump

  82. Kristi

    I would love to win this cooler. It would be nice to have for kids birthday parties (next one I have is Oct 31), a family get together and even for all the emeals groceries that I get πŸ™‚

  83. Tiffany Olson

    We’d use it for everything! We live on the Oregon coast and have lots of outdoor adventures and a ton of friends tagging along. This cooler would be perfect!

  84. Julia

    Love trying new EMeal recipes! Always a hit at my house. We are avid campers and would love to have a Yeti. Southeast TX heat is a killer 6-7 months out of the year!!

  85. mavis back

    We will use our cooler to go on carriage driving picnics. We can pack a nice lunch and when we stop the horses to give them a break we can enjoy our cool snacks under the shade of a large tree.

  86. Dana Gravett

    I love Emeals, but I wish I could access my account to know exactly when and how renewals occur. I know it is coming soon, but I am thinking about switching plans.

  87. Jess

    My family would use this cooler to haul our bounty back to the house after stocking up for our emeals weekly suppers, also would be great at highschool football games and all the kids my husband coaches. Go Smyrna Bulldogs!!

  88. BA

    I can’t wait to win the yeti to take on the boat in the Laguna Madre at South Padre Island, TX! Extra fun with our family and friends and cold beverages in the Yeti!

  89. angela sackett

    we have kids in swimming, basketball, and track. in our tropical climate, this cooler would be AMAZING for making sure this family-of-seven always has snacks and on-the-go treats for our busy growing troops!

  90. Devon

    Going to my son’s baseball games are a great way for the family to be together, and the cooler would be a nice addition, especially on those hot, Florida afternoons.

  91. Tabitha

    I think emealz is great, especially the iPhone app. My family uses coolers all summer long, either working in the pasture, or playing at the lake. I’d love to have a yeti!

  92. Gina DuBose

    I would love a Yeti cooler to take to the Gator Games and on vacation. I’ve been wanting one for a really long time. Oh and I LOVE the Yeti commercials! πŸ™‚

  93. Alisha B

    My family loves eMeals!! I shared on facebook & tell all my friends and family about it. This cooler would be a great addition to my family’s camping equipment for the fall. My husband has wanted one for a while to take to the lake in the summer time.

  94. Brande Wood

    We would take the Yeti Cooler camping! We would take the Yeti Cooler to Tahoe! We would take the Yeti Cooler to UNR football games (Go Wolfpack!)! We would use the Yeti Cooler for BBQ’s and summer get-to-gethers at our house! We would use the Yeti Cooler for my son’s baseball team’s snacks and waters!

  95. Shena Walsh

    We have a condo on the beach. We also love to travel to different concerts and tailgate. This cooler would be so useful for both. Picnics on the beach. Cocktails, BBQ, and great music tailgating with friends..ahhh, the life!

  96. Pippa

    This is a great promo-always wanted a yeti but maybe more importantly it directed me to your site-very cool and glad to be able to read more!!!

  97. Tricia

    As a single mom, figuring out dinner is a job in itself! But EMEALS has totally simplified that for me! Thanks so much! As for the cooler, we would love to take it camping with us!

  98. Christine

    Our family has monthly “Family Fun Days” this is where one of my 3 sisters hosts a month and then we all attend with our families. For example this month my sister Michelle is hosting at her home in Essex. She is a family of four and we will be meeting at 2:00pm heading over to a field to play flag football (which has become a tradition for this month)with my family of 6, Sarah’s family of 4, Jennifer’s family of 3 and our parents. After the game the host is providing pizza and then each of us are to bring something. I will be bringing the sweet treat this month!! Then we are heading over to the drive in to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. This is our way of keeping the cousins together and getting everyone together for some fun. This cooler would help out tremendously!!!!!

  99. Sarah Derouin

    I would love this cooler for our camping adventures and sporting events! This would be great to win!! I love, love, love emeals, meal planning!!

  100. cori

    As the busy mother of four kids 7-15, we are on the road a LOT….at soccer tournaments, lacrosse tournaments, road trips, etc! We spend a lot of time on the go and this would be perfect for our family!!!!

  101. stephen radford

    WE are wanting to go to Jelly stone park yes Yogi bear will be there in Burleson and this would be perfect for keeping ice cold all week

  102. Leslie

    I’d love to get one of these Yeti coolers! I hear they’re really, really great! We would use it when hosting family at home, or traveling to visit family.

  103. Abby

    As a mom, figuring out dinner and the shopping list that goes with it is a job in itself! But EMEALS has completely taken the headache away! Thank you so much, it really is a blessing! We are a military family so we are always traveling to see family and going to other events. We also love to picnic at the beach and lake, sometimes even the soccer field! This cooler would be a awesome to have to put our premade Emeals in to take with us or for my husband to take with him on deployments!

  104. Trisha

    My husband loves this cooler. When we’re shopping, he always stops to “visit” it, shake his head and wish it wasn’t out of our budget:) Would love to surprise him with a one!

  105. Tina M.

    This cooler looks awesome! I would use it for the many car trips our family takes. We limit eating out by packing our own meals and this cooler would definitely help!

  106. Katelyn M

    I would love to win this cooler as an anniversary gift for my husband- in our almost six years of marriage and too many football games to count, we have never actually owned a cooler! Thank you for the opportunity!! πŸ™‚

  107. Alicia

    Our family loves to spend time at the lake and a cooler is a necessity.
    Also, fall is the time for tailgating and an other need for a really cool cooler.

  108. Donna Payne

    Wow! What a great cooler! I would love to have it to take all the things we would need to spend some fun time with our son and his family at the beach! I think this Memaw could fill it with wonderful and healthy food that our little grandchildren would enjoy!

  109. Lynn

    A Yeti would be so great in the summer. Sometimes we buy our groceries from stores that are an hour drive back to our house. We live in the South and the car can get soooo hot. This would be great for bringing the groceries home safely.

  110. Krista

    My family loves to hunt and fish. I am teaching my 8 year old daughter to follow in the footsteps. We are having a great time. I have wanted one of the Yeti coolers for some time but have not purchased one. It would be great to have a Yeti cooler for all the outdoor things we enjoy so much! It would be Outstanding to win one!

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