How To Create a Family Headquarters

Most can agree that the kitchen always becomes the family “hub”. I blame it on the magical powers of food.  So when building our first home, my number one goal was to make the kitchen our perfect family headquarters. A place to stay organized, plan meals, read cookbooks, enjoy good company and of course good food. Needless to say, this room has quickly become my favorite.  Here are some easy ways that you too can make a family headquarters in any room…

Organize drawers

This tip might blow your mind- there is no such thing as a junk drawer. That’s right I said it. If it is junk, throw it away! After you have cleaned out the junk use baskets, small bowls, or drawer organizers to neatly display daily used items. I even use toilet paper rolls to keep those tangle prone electronic cords in order.

Everything Needs A Place

The only way to stay organized is to insure everything has a place. Each drawer at my desk has a specific purpose. Whether it is coupons or important documents each space has a purpose.


Create a space that neatly stores bills, important documents, things that need to be mailed, etc. I found this metal cubby a Hobby Lobby and works perfect for keeping paperwork that needs a follow up. My husband and I have our own designated drawers. When a bill or important document I need to attend to later arrives in the mail, it has a drawer instead of a pile. We also keep important documents in cute file boxes from Target.


My very first Pinterest challenge was this fabric-covered corkboard. Ideal for hanging my weekly eMeals menu, calendars, chores, and to-do lists. Also in our kitchen is a massive chalkboard/magnet board that we use to display invitations, pictures, messages, and the week’s menu. Both of these projects took less than an hour!

Hope these tips help you to create the perfect family headquarters for your home. What are your best organizing tips you use in your kitchen? Happy organizing!

Meaghan is our Publix for 2 meal plan writer. She and her husband, Ross, have one fur baby Sadie.  Meaghan has been working at eMeals since April 2011.

3 thoughts on “How To Create a Family Headquarters

  1. Cathy Roche'

    Loved all the ideas, especially the use of the toilet paper rolls! The kitchen is adorable and I can’t agree more… the kitchen is the family room! Keep writing Meaghan, your ideas are encouraging me to cook more and get more organized!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas! :)

  2. Beth

    Any way you could post a copy of the weekly chore list you have on your board? I’m always curious to see what works for others as far as time management/organization etc.
    Looks great by the way!

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