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Our Facebook family rocks! If you haven’t joined in the fun, you are missing some funny and amazing people who love life and love the people in their lives. We hear great stories, share cooking tips and get great advice. Here is a sampling of some of the love sent our way this past month…

Lisa-Michele Pazzini Russo

I have been using these meals for a few weeks now and I can tell you that Dave Ramsey is right, this is the best money I have ever spent! I contacted customer service today and they were so helpful and accommodating! I plan to be a long time subscriber! Thank you E-Mealz!!!!

Paula Silverthorn Mata

Omg, I just realized that I have been using E-mealz for almost 3 years!!! Just wanted to say that this was a fantastic idea and it has saved me a ton of time and stress.

Adri LeBlanc

I’ve subscribed since 09 – mostly the Kroger family plan, but I’ve tried a few others. This has been THE BEST purchase I have made for my family and my sanity. “What’s for dinner?” is no longer a dreaded question. I swear these plans have taught me how to cook. I dare say I’m pretty good at it now. 🙂

Michele Lucchine

THANK you for saving dinner time in my house!! I am following the WW plan and really got tired of the same old dinners over and over again. I also have only 20-30 minutes from the time I walk in the door from work till I have to get dinner on the table. Since I know ahead of time what we’re having and all the items bought, I either prep the night before or have my husband start the meal. Tonight I made Braised Steak And Veggies- simple but YUMMY recipe- my husband is so happy w/ the change in our meals- and so is the toddler. LOVE LOVE LOVE e-mealz.

Christine Dykstra Pearson

Thanks E-mealz for another great meal! My picky teens loved the Garlic-butter chicken, potatoes and peas!! That alone makes my monthly fee worth it!!

DiAnn Carroll Chapman

I just joined and am subscribing to the Low fat for 2 Wal-Mart menu plan. I have made the pork chops with red rice and chicken with bow tie pasta the last 2 nights and my husband and I both have LOVED them!! Thank you e-mealz for making my “what’s for dinner” question easy peasy!! 🙂

Michelle McClain

Just wanted to say that you are such a sanity saver for us busy wives and moms. You have made my cooking and shopping so much less stressful and much more enoyable. The way it is MEANT to be! Thanks for all you do and keeping it so affordable!

Dusty Waters

Dang I don’t know why but all the (family) Portion Control meals, one after the other, are simply amazing lately! As in, my husband and I looking at each other and simultaneously pronouncing the meal in front of us a keeper! Chicken and fruit salad? Yes please! Salisbury Steak? Ummmm, absolutely 🙂 YUM

Amber Tapper

The low-fat family plan is great! It has healthy, well-rounded meals. My kids love it.

Angela Bahus Hunt

Just made the Easy Quiche from the Kroger Family Plan….YUM!!! It tastes like the egg, ham and cheese melt from IHOP!!! Love it!!

Jennifer Fleetwood

My 5 year old is fond of saying “Mom! Now b/c you have your food list, we have new food EVERY day!

Chris Maynard Smith

Had the Pecan Crusted Tilapia last night with Rice Pilaf (Walmart Low-Fat Plan) it was amazing…there hasn’t been a meal yet i haven’t enjoyed!!!

Stacy Klomp Schmidt

Yummy! I just signed up over the weekend and my family has already declared 3 of the meals to be “repeats”!!

Karyn Hodge Nixon

Easiest Chicken Tortilla Casserole Ever was declared a “plate-licking recipe” at our house! Yummy!!

Kim Oakes Kannely

Love the Salisbury Steak, the Taco Chicken, the Ham and Cheese Quiche tasty! colorful! EXCELLENT!

Cindi Boyer Duggar

I just made your Cheesy Quiche that is on the Low Carb Family menu from May 11 and it is probably the best quiche I have ever made. It was light and fluffy and full of flavor.

Toni Robb-Zochert

Just joined this weekend and have made 2 meals… my family loves it.. Thank you for this great website. It makes evenings at our home so much nice and less stressful. My kids and husband love it!!

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