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As many of you know, we have an incredible Facebook page, thanks to our fabulous subscribers.  We are always in awe of the kind words you share, the wisdom you impart, and the simple tricks and suggestions you make to help others find out which plan is best for their family or how to get a recipe just right. We love hearing your feedback there on how you make your E-Mealz plan work for you and how you change it up.  Here are some examples of some of the kind words we’ve got going on on our Facebook wall.

Alesha Ray Welch:

I am purposely a week behind on the plan so that I can shop 2 weeks at a time. And I have to say, I am so pleased when I leave the store with 2 weeks worth of groceries, including breakfast, lunch and snacks for a logger, a teacher, and a kindergartener for $150!

Laura Knight Locke:

I just want to say that we are pretty new here but I think I am in LOVE!! This has been a life saver and since I work in the school’s and am about to start back to work, this will be a wonderful chance to spend more time with my family instead of stressing over menus and grocery list! Thanks for this great service!!

Kay Mohling Ellwanger

Just signed up after debating for a couple of weeks. Can’t wait to grocery shop tomorrow night and start eating healthier next week! I signed up for the “low carb for 2”. Its usually just me, but the two is perfect for leftovers for lunch at work!

Bridget Leary-Pesce:

You guys are amazing! We are loving EVERY single low fat Walmart meal with our plan. I have no idea how I survived without this for so long. Keep up the good work. :)

Candice Eller Morgan

HOLY SMOKES!!!! Baked Crab was OUTSTANDING! A meal that I assumed would provide us with leftovers was scarffed down by my husband :-)

Donald Lipham:

Really liking this plan so far. I think what I like the most about our low fat plan is that nearly everything on the list this week was “fresh” and not prepackaged meals. A budget and healthy eating – two birds at once!

J. Wesley Fonseca:

Thank you E-Mealz! My wife is in Korea for half a year and I’m back here in the States. Had it not been for you- meal time would have been an absolute disaster for my 12 year old me. Its like the GPS of cooking and meal shopping!! Once again- thanks for your wonderful service.

Lynn Wyche Dotson:

Adjusted tonight’s Mexican Lasagna for a corn allergy by leaving out the can of corn and using flour tortillas to layer. It turned out fantastic! Another new family favorite. Thanks!

Katie Orr Hardison:

I just started with e-mealz 2 days ago and I am SOLD!! Our last 2 dinners have been wonderful. Even my very picky kids are eating everything (cauliflower is a new favorite for them!!) We never did family dinners before b/c I hate cooking and we would grill after the kids (1, 3 and 7) went to bed- this is wonderful!

Rebekah Buley:

Loving the gluten free menus! It is hard enough having allergies and finding the right foods to eat. Having a meal plan has been wonderful!

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