Follow Through: A Novel Concept for New Year’s Resolutions

Take the New Year by the horns!  We will be sharing over the month of January the top New Year’s resolutions as we prepare our community to not only make resolutions, but to follow through.  After Christmas, everyone starts to feel the pressure to shape up in all senses of the word.  We checked out Time Magazine to find out the top 10 most commonly broken New Year’s resolutions.

The first one we wanted to share with you was the “save money” resolution.  It’s time to tighten the purse strings and start making smarter spending habits.  Remember that everything is about moderation.  Your biggest take away is to follow through on anything you start. Make it easy to succeed by following some of the tips below.

If you use E-Mealz to save money and cut back on your grocery spending, but know that your family considers it a real treat to eat out at least a few times a month, make dining out part of your plan.  Decide with your family the amount of times you will eat out per month and stick to it.  Allot a certain amount of money each month to your “eating out” budget and avoid going over it. Look at the prices on the restaurant menu before even looking at the dishes to help you narrow down your options for your entree.

Make part of your resolution to save money include calling around in the month of January to services you participate in to see if they will lower your rates. Giving yourself a deadline will help you implement a strategy at the beginning of the year and collect the savings all year long!  Think about what could be lowered and pick up the phone…this could include cable company, insurance companies, gym, newspaper subscription, and more!  Check out some of these resources for more helpful hints in this area: Dave Ramsey, Money Saving Mom, and Faithful Provisions.

Stay tuned as we continue to educate and share with our community ways to save money throughout the year including fun giveaways on money saving tools, tips, and more!

What ways do you plan to save money in 2012?

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