Frugal Father’s Day Gift

As Father’s Day draws near, it’s time to start thinking about gifts your kids may be able to make on their own to make dear old dad feel special. We have come up with just the ticket!

Even if dad isn’t a fisherman, we don’t think he’ll complain about this gift as long as you fill it with candy that’s sure to please his sweet tooth!


-1 tackle box or small plastic container

-Sheet of stickers

-Notecard or card

-Dad’s favorite candies (Some ideas to get you started are Butterfinger Bites, Trolli sour gummy worms, Swedish Fish, Hershey’s Drops)


Let your children decorate the inside and outside of the box with stickers. Fill the box with candies. Place card or notecard in box with handwritten note or drawing from dad’s favorite kids. Write out an explanation of each candy that may not be obvious. For example,

Butterfinger Bites: We hope you get lots of “bites” this weekend!

Hershey’s Drops: We hope you pull out a new fish everytime you “drop” your line in the water.

Don’t forget you can treat dad to a free Father’s Day brunch menu as well! Get more details about this menu here. What creative ideas have you used to create a fun Father’s Day gift?

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4 thoughts on “Frugal Father’s Day Gift

  1. Lynda Thompson

    LOVE this Father’s Day present! 😀 Next year, would love to see one with a camping/camp-out theme, as we always take the family camping over Father’s Day Weekend… 😉 Thanks a Bunch for all the wonderful ideas and recipes!

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