Frugal Paleo Tips

5 Frugal Paleo Tips

Out with the Atkins diet and in with dining caveman-style.  The Paleo pallet focuses on meats, vegetables and nuts and avoids items such as sugar, grains and processed foods.  Below are some simple tips to go Paleo without breaking the bank.

Create a budget. Just having a plan can save your hard earned dollars. Each week take stock of what you already have, so you’ll know what you really need and what you really don’t. The same goes for your grocery budget – if you plan ahead of time and use a Paleo shopping guide, you’re more likely to stick to a certain price point.

Plan your meals. Look at your local grocery stores specials, and then create your meal plan and grocery list based on those sale items. Start with focusing on the meats that are on sale since meats will be the highest portion of your grocery spending on a Paleo diet.  To take the stress out of the process, eMeals has created an ongoing weekly Paleo Plan with recipes and grocery lists already laid out.

Buy in season. Check out our printable seasonality chart, and put it on your fridge as a reminder. Shopping in season is a great way to save money – especially if you stock up through freezing items. To take advantage of berries when they are on sale, buy in bulk, wash them, pat them dry, lay them out on a cookie sheet and then freeze them. Once frozen, transfer the berries to a freezer bag.

Load up on sales. When a staple item like frozen vegetables, turkey bacon, tuna or canned coconut milk goes on sale; stock up big time! Most stores have their ads available online and will email them to you weekly. It makes it easy to quickly check sales before you go shopping.

Buy in bulk. Many times when you stock up on things like nuts and dried fruits from the bulk bins it is a lot cheaper than buying it in a pre-packaged form. Instead of going for the convenience of throwing a bag of something in your cart, take a few moments to browse the bulk section and watch the savings add up!

If you are looking for more paleo recipes and tips, make sure you follow our paleo Pinterest board here.

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11 thoughts on “Frugal Paleo Tips

  1. Nicole

    Turkey bacon and Paleo should not be used in the same paragraph. There is no bacon on a turkey. Same goes for canned tuna, most of it has soy.

    1. Jessica Cox, RD

      Nicole – we included turkey bacon in this Paleo list because it is lower in saturated fat than regular bacon, making it a better choice for overall health. The Paleo diet is very meat-centric, which could lead to too much saturated fat in the diet (a risk factor for heart disease). Choosing lower fat meats can help to reduce saturated fat intake. Center cut bacon is another good option that is lower in saturated fat. Choosing canned tuna is a way to make the Paleo diet more affordable, but always use your own discretion and purchase fresh if desired. Thanks for your input.

      1. Guest

        The connection of heart disease to saturated fat has never been proven. There’s a great deal more evidence that too high carbohydrate load is the actual culprit.

        There’s a long sorry history why fat became the current dietary devil. I sincerely hope that someday saturated fat=bad will be relegated to the trash heap of medical lore, just like the use of leeches.

        If you’ve never read either, look for Good Calories/Bad Calories or the shorter “Why We Get Fat” by Gary Taubes are a great place to start for further reading.

        At any rate, I’m planning to incorporate more fats, not less, into my family’s Paleo diet to stretch my dollars. At it’s heart Paleo is a high fat diet. More fat (cheap) = less meat and no need for poor quality starches/sugars.

        1. Jessica Cox, RD

          Thank you both for your responses regarding the Paleo Diet plan. The Dietary Guidelines, which are based on the most current research, indiciate that a diet low in saturated fat is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease. Humans during the Paleolithic Era simply did not live long enough for modern chronic diseases, like heart disease, to be a concern. Science is constantly changing and advancing, but according to the best evidence we currently have available, saturated fats should be limited in comparison to unsaturated fats until further research sheds more light on the impact of dietary fat on heart health. Our Paleo meal plan does include a wide range of animal proteins and fats, and I think you will find it generally consistent with most popular Paleo philosophies. Please check out the sample plan and let us know what you think.

    2. Jill

      Woww. If you guys are going to tout paleo traditions (which as someone who cannot eat gluten or dairy, I’m grateful for!), you should use a paleo nutritionist!!!

      Proponents of the paleo diet do not believe saturated fat from pastured animals raised on their natural diets is a bad thing! You would NEVER see someone following paleo using turkey bacon, and you would never see someone who is paleo complaining about too much saturated fat.

  2. Amber

    Another thing I found thats great to save money while eating Paleo is making a lot of your own flours and milks by buying the nuts in bulk. I usually only do this with Almonds atm cause I found a great sale on coconut milk and bought a lot lol. Also growing whatever you can, there are a lot of great ideas out there on growing veggies in small places and in the long run could save you hundreds. Im going to see if in the fall if we can buy meat straight from the source in bulk cause that will also save a lot 🙂 I love being as frugal as possible so thank you for post, I really appreciated reading it. We don’t follow it 100% since we still have dairy in our diet cause my child would murder me in his sleep if I took away yogurt or cheese but one day lol

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