Fruit Skewers

Kid-Friendly Fruit Skewers. Great after school or lunch box treat.

With the back to school rush coming up, we want to give our community plenty of healthy snacks to choose from for your kids lunch boxes, breakfasts and after school snacks. As you read in our recent article, What to Avoid for an Unhealthy School Lunch, packaging can be everything. Kids love anything different and “cool,” so these skewers fill the bill!

Make sure if you have young children, you supervise them with the sharp skewers or cut off the sharp edges. To make this bright and nutritious snack, simply cut up your child’s favorite fruits and place them on skewers. You can dust them with a little cinnamon for an extra antioxidant and flavor punch! Cinnamon has 5 times as many antioxidants as 1/2 cup of blueberries; talk about powerful!

For more healthy snack ideas from our blog, check out these recipes! Make sure you sign up for eMeals to help your family get balanced and healthy meals on the table or in the lunch box for back to school season. It will help you feel more organized, save you money, and help your waistline. No more hearing, “What’s for dinner, Mom?”


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