Gather and Give Thanks

Gather and Give Thanks | a Thanksgiving essay from eMeals founder Jane DeLaney

A few years ago, eMeals founder Jane Delaney wrote a special essay for the blog. Because it’s been some time since it was posted and it’s new to many of us here at eMeals who missed it the first time, we thought we’d share it once more. We wish you and yours a very safe and happy Thanksgiving from all of us at eMeals.


Gather and Give Thanks

By eMeals President and founder Jane DeLaney

The Thanksgiving feast is a bigger picture, an enhanced version of what dinnertime should be every day: A time to give thanks, to stop, to gather and remember with your family that it is by ‘His hands we all are fed.’ For my family, it is during those moments in the evening around the table that the clanging noise of life is hushed.


Together, side-by-side, dinnertime becomes to us a daily megaphone from God—a certain reminder of His goodness and grace. What’s the alternative? Everyone scatter, graze on your own, and go find an electronic fix! Instead, we rally, convene, and strengthen the team by repeating over and over a capsule of time, spent together, face-to-face over a warm meal. On any given night, this thing we call dinner coincides with daily stress and turmoil, bringing calm and gratefulness for what we do have.

So often as a mom when I finally plop myself down, look across the table, see the precious faces of my family, look down at the warm food, how can I not feel grateful? And what other time in my day does that kind of moment happen? Certainly not in the laundry room when I’m on my fifth load and five more to go. Nor is it when I’m unloading ten bags of groceries before racing off to carpool. If there were no regular time when I stopped in my day to tangibly bring together what God has given me, it would likely not happen. Nothing replaces the profound sense of gratitude when I literally eat of His goodness and see eye to eye the richest blessings I own on Earth.


Yes, to me dinnertime is intermission, time out, the pause button, God’s daily megaphone to me—in the face of what I do not have—reminding me of all that I do have. There is no question that we all suffer loss, we ache with voids in our lives, hurt for our children, and struggle through the fallen nature of this world we are in. If we are not careful this will become our reality and we will forget the greater reality that we have been given so, so much. This Thanksgiving, and every day, let us love what we have, holding on to it dearly, gratefully, reminding ourselves over and over and over again that God is great and God is good.

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