Getting the Kitchen Organized

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We all know that with the holidays coming up, running kids here and there, taking care of your family and trying to keep a clean house this time of year can quickly feel like it’s spinning out of control. As always, we here at E-Mealz are trying to at least keep your kitchen manageable and under control.

Of course, the best way to keep your kitchen in order is to utilize E-Mealz to help you plan your menus, grocery list, and tell you how to get everything done at dinnertime to get a delicious and well-rounded meal on the table. However, even with that amount of help we know that the general clutter and chaos that envelops our kitchens, the very heart of our homes can sometimes get out of control. In order to help you get your kitchen sparkling clean and maintain it through the holidays you may want to use this kitchen cleaning checklist from Life…Your Way. Luckily, you can already check off one of the boxes near the bottom that says “try menu planning.” Best of luck tackling the dishes, grime & pantry piles!


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