Leprechaun Punch

Have you been trying to cook up something fun for your kids on St. Patrick’s Day? We’ve got an easy peasy drink recipe for you to make for them or with them to enjoy. This punch is so easy, it almost doesn’t even need a recipe. All you need is Sprite and some green lime sherbet.


3 scoops of lime sherbet

1.5 cups Sprite


Scoop 3 ice cream scoops full of lime sherbet and put them into a cup. Pour Sprite over the sherbet until it’s fizzy and at the desired amount of liquid in the cup. Additional Ideas: Buy green straws and spoons to slurp and eat the Green Leprechaun. You can also buy St. Patrick’s Day stickers and put them on plastic cups for an additional flair.

We hope you and your kids enjoy this yummy St. Patrick’s Day treat! If you want more recipes like this delivered to your inbox each week, make sure to check out our eMeals Dessert Plan!

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