Healthy Snack: Nutella Grahams

31 Healthy Snack Ideas from eMeals

Today we’re kicking off the Back to School season with healthy snack ideas. We’ve included everything from sweet tooth-satisfying chocolate to crisp, fresh veggies with dip to ice-cold smoothies and everything in between. To get the full calendar of 31 Healthy Snack Ideas for August, purchase a new eMeals subscription to help you get prepared for back to school! We have breakfast, lunch and dinner menus to ease the stress of meal time. Our members already have this snack calendar on their member’s page.

Today’s Nutella Grahams come together in less than a minute and provide a dose of folate and Vitamin E thanks to the addition of wheat germ. Substitute natural peanut or almond butter to reduce the sugar, if desired.

Nutella Grahams

Dip graham crackers in chocolate hazelnut spread; sprinkle lightly with wheat germ.


3 thoughts on “Healthy Snack: Nutella Grahams

  1. Nancie Lenon

    I am curious beside all the other health info provided, is there also a calorie count given? I am interested in joining however I am on the fence.
    Thank you for your blog and answer

    1. Jessica Cox, RD

      Nancie – we have several generally more healthfully, including a Healthy Breakfast, Healthy Lunch, Clean Eating, Paleo Diet, Low Carb, Low Fat, and (coming soon) a Mediterranean Meal Plan. We do not currently provide calorie information for the meals but hope to in the future. Check out our website to download a free sample of some of these healthy lifestyle meal plans. Thanks for your interest.

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