Holiday Cooking Timeline

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Are you already starting to stress about getting dinner out of the oven and onto the table at the same time when you’re making 14 different dishes? If so, we’ve got a timeline to help you get your turkey, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, and everything else on the table in a reasonable manner.

If you are using our  FREE classic holiday meal plan, this is an exact step by step guide of ways to prepare your food most efficiently broken down by each dish on the menu. However, you can also use it as a guide for making your holiday dinner no matter whether you’re using our free holiday meal plan or not. Utilize this tool as a basic guide and prepare to stagger your dishes accordingly.

Enjoy a holiday meal plan compliments of eMeals if planning your own holiday dinner seems too daunting. Each plan feeds up to 12 people and includes main course, sides and dessert. You can choose between classic, clean eating, low carb, & gluten free. Enjoy!

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