Homemade Donut Holes

One of my favorite treats as a child was homemade donuts. We would make them once a month and we called them “Poor Man’s Donuts”.  It was something that was so simple but my brothers and I thought it was a treat fit for a king! Enjoy!


Confectioner’s Sugar

Vegetable oil

Brown paper lunch bag

1 Can of biscuits


Place confectioner’s sugar in a brown paper lunch bag.  Cut your biscuits into ¼ sections and place in a deep fryer or skillet.  Make sure the oil is deep enough for the donuts to float.  Donuts will cook very quickly and you will need to rotate them as they cook.  Remove the donuts from the oil and place directly into the sugar and shake until the donuts are covered. Serve hot!

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7 thoughts on “Homemade Donut Holes

  1. Jeff

    Glad to see my family’s not the only ones making doughnuts this way. Here’s my two cents to add some variety:

    – Use Pillsbury Grands (or some generic alternative): The biscuits are more filling. One can has easily fed 3 adults for us. And we love these doughnuts. Although it’s a fine line between under- and overcooked

    – Flatten out the biscuit and use a small round cookie cutter (or shot glass or something similar) to cut a hole out of the center. You get a doughnut hole and a doughnut ring for some variety.

    – Use a second paper bag with cinnamon and sugar in it. Growing up I always liked the powdered sugar better, but as an adult I find I like the cinnamon and sugar better.

    – I’m toying with the idea in the future of really flattening one out and putting it in whole, without cutting the hole or quartered. Then possibly make it cream filled with a chocolate topping. Haven’t brought myself to try it yet though.

  2. Dana

    I have made these many times before. Learned this while in high school when I had a food service course which I loved. For a bit more options you can:

    -Mix together cocoa and sugar and lightly dust the doughnuts.

    -Roll the biscuit out flat, add pie filling to the middles and then fold over sealing with a fork. This is basically a “fried pie” or flavor filled doughnut! It is yummy with powdered sugar.

  3. Natalie

    Just wondering … if I made up my homemade bisquik mix as I would for biscuits and then used this dough … do you think it would work the same???

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