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There are two new V8 coupons available here. One is for $1/1 new V8 V-Fusion + Tea and the other is for $1/2 original V8. You can click on beverages on the left hand side to find them more easily.
If you’re near a Moe’s Southwest Grill, be sure to stop by today for Free Queso Day. You can get a free 6 oz cup, may be a great treat for your kids while you’re out running errands.

It’s funny how about this time of summer, your kids start without fail pulling the “I’m bored” card.  To help you with this plea, you can get 2 free DVD rentals at your local Blockbuster Express! Simply use codes 36BCRD5and 63TGAF5. These codes expire 7/25/11 at midnight.

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  1. Anna Vollmer

    Hello! I’m new to e-mealz and was wondering if you have a list of the staples that we should try and keep in our pantry that you seem to use frequently?

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