How to Make a Jack-o’-lantern Halloween Pot Pie

How to Make a Jack-o'-lantern pie crust | eMeals

Our Classic and Kid-Friendly meal plans are featuring an easy, family-favorite Weeknight Chicken Pot Pie recipe this week. Because this weekend is Halloween, we thought we’d have fun with refrigerated pie crusts, and cut out jack-o’-lantern faces in the dough. Read on for the easy tutorial!

On the Menu This Week: Chicken Pot Pie

To make a festive Jack-o’-lantern-face cut-out pie crust for your potpie, stack two pie crusts one on top of the other on a lightly floured surface. Roll into a single crust using a rolling pin. Cut out Jack-o’-lantern eyes, nose, and mouth using a sharp paring knife. Then transfer the dough to the top of your ovenproof skillet, fold the edges under, and crimp as desired.

How to Make a Jack-o-lantern pie crust | eMeals

The easiest way to transfer pie dough to the skillet is to roll the dough gently around the rolling pin. Place the edge of the dough on the edge of the skillet, and unroll it over the top of the skillet. Now just fold the edges under, and crimp. Done!

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