How to Make Gravy

Gravy, E-Mealz, How ToGravy… a delicious sauce!  It is made from meat juices and combined with broth or milk and then thickened with a starch. Making gravy can be difficult for those who only choose to cook it around holidays or special occasions. While gravy is simple to make, it does take some effort, but once you understand how the ingredients work together to produce a texture that’s smooth and rich, you may find yourself cooking the delicious sauce more often.

Understanding the process and learning a few tricks of the trade should help you make perfect gravy every time. You can turn out homemade gravies in as little as 10 minutes. Keep your eye on the stove though, if you’ll be making gravy with whole milk or cream-too much heat or too little stirring can lead to scalding.

Meat Broth Gravy

When you bake a roast, turkey or chicken, there should be juice in the bottom of the baking pan. Pan juice is the most important ingredient in meat-based gravy. You will also need flour and water.

After you have removed your meat from the pan, pour the meat juice into a bowl and set aside.


2 tablespoons flour

1 cup cold water

1 to 1½ cups of meat juice from baking pan

Salt and pepper

Servings 6 to 8

Making the Gravy

Mix the flour slowly into the cup of cold water. It is extremely important that you use cold water and mix both ingredients thouroughly.  Hot water will cause the flour to lump. If the mixture isn’t blended together well, the addition of the hot meat juice will also cause the flour to lump up.

Once the flour and water mixture is blended together, it is time to add the broth. Put the broth in a saucepan over low heat. Add the flour mixture very slowly and stir the meat juice continuously while you do so to avoid lumpy gravy. Add salt and pepper to taste.



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One thought on “How to Make Gravy

  1. Melissa

    Just a tip…Following the lead of my mom, I always add a little of the heated meat broth to the water/flour mixture to gradually heat that solution before adding it to the broth. Works great and keeps the gravy smooth.

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