How to Seed a Cucumber

Cucumbers are a light and refreshing vegetable that are in season for the summer! They are cooling and perfect to use in summer recipes. If you come upon a recipe using a seeded cucumber in one of your eMeals meal plans, now you’ll know how to seed them the most efficient way possible! All you need is a knife to cut your cucumber in half and a spoon to de-seed it.

How to Seed a Cucumber:

1. Cut the ends off the cucumber; cut the cucumber in half lengthwise.

2. Set it up on its side.

3. Run a spoon down the length of the cucumber to remove all seeds.

4. Repeat as needed to make sure all seeds are out.

See, it’s not that hard! If you love cucumbers, you may want to check out this Paleo Chicken Salad recipe served on cukes!

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