How You Can Save 15% Off Your Grocery Bill Today

Back a couple of decades ago, the world didn’t have Walmart on the scale that it has invaded every city in the U.S.A. Sam Walton’s initial strategy was to build his Walmart stores in small towns outside of major cities across America. We had to travel out of town quite a distance to shop at Walmart. I remember, those many years ago, speaking to someone who had a Walmart in his town. He emphatically quoted…”If it aint’ at Walmart, you don’t need it!”

We have a love-hate relationship with this monstrosity of a store. While you truly can find most anything that you need there, most of us avoid going there unless we absolutely have to. Most times, our budgets require it.  Why pay more when you can get it cheaper?

Our top subscribed meal plan is our Walmart Family plan.  It has been and probably always will be. Our goal to save you time, hassle and money by planning your meals is most realized when you shop at Walmart. Hands down, you’ll save the most money there.

Here’s a very short list of items found on our last 2 week’s of the Walmart Family Plan. Compare their prices to the second list that shows current SALE prices at one of our other stores, which shall remain anonymous.

ITEM: Walmart price SALE price at local store



16 oz frozen broccoli



12 oz frozen corn



16 oz bag converted rice



Rotisserie chicken



Dry onion soup mix



18 oz BBQ sauce






  Total savings:     $2.10 = 15% savings!

Apply 15% savings to your monthly food budget. The average monthly household food budget is $800. That would mean a savings of $120 each month. That’s $1,440 a year! That’s 14 weeks of a maid to clean your house, Susie’s soccer dues, Johnny’s guitar lessons, a few trips to see Fabio the massage therapist…you name it!

So, you have to decide if you can brave the crowds at your local Walmart. They are the leading retail outlet in the world and this small comparison shows that it can be a significant savings for you and your family.  Remember, our motto around E-Mealz is, “You plan, you save.”  And while that is true no matter where you shop, you can take ANY of our plans and shop them at Walmart. You’ll see the savings add up over time! Oh, and say hi to Fabio for me 😉

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11 thoughts on “How You Can Save 15% Off Your Grocery Bill Today

  1. teresadawn

    Totals $11.84 compared to $13.90
    IS IT WORTH IT in the long run?
    In the southern town where I live, Wal-mart opened and ran the small town grocer out of business. The Wal-Mart closed two stores and opened one in the middle location. So the local grocer is gone and the closest Wal-mart is 15 miles. Now, ask yourself “when that happens in my town will that $2.10 that I saved really feel like such a bargain??
    I think not.

  2. Sarah

    I’ve been going to Walmart for years. I’ve tried couponing sites, and had friends tell me they felt like they saved more at other grocery stores. With 5 kids, a husband who works full-time (and usually over time) and goes to school full time, and trying to find time for myself so I don’t lose my sanity – going to Walmart is totally worth it. My excuse use to be that I simply did not want to run around to 5 different stores each week just to get the best deal, and I’ve always questioned if it really was the BEST deal. Now, even though I have more time with just 1 child at home with me, I really don’t want to do all that work of price comparing and running around. I have always felt like I got more for my money at Walmart. I tried doing the couponing thing at a larger, well-known grocery store here. I walked away confused. My receipt told me I saved all this money but my cart and bags told me I got far less for that same amount of money than I typically did at Walmart and it was 10 times the work to get it! I just signed up for E-Mealz this month, despite having known about it for about 2-3 years. I LOVED it! It was so much easier to make my list and plan my trip to the store. I did my big trip to Walmart on Wed. Found out my mom was going to another big name store on Thurs and tagged along to get my meats (since Walmart wasn’t stocked in what I needed in the meat department and I do feel this other stores meats are better) and to get her Sr Citizen discount 😉 then made a run to the discount bread store and Aldi’s before picking my older ones up from school. I think it’s still a work in progress as I ended up spending a little more than I had hoped for, but I did have some extras I needed this week so it was all good. I still use my coupons on the things I can but overall I really do feel I get a better deal at Walmart and at this point and time in my life it’s worth it to have less stress and ease in my shopping trip.

    I can see how in some towns Walmart has done some damage. I live in a big city though. The small town grocery stores have been long gone for many years. We typically only have larger chains (Kroger, Harris Teeter, Lowe’s Food, etc) and a few small/cheap stores like Aldi and the discount bread store. I’ve lived here long enough that I’ve seen the transitions of some of the Walmarts, from brand new, to dumpy and restored again or new, dumpy, relocated 1 mile down the road – old Walmart was turned into a Big Lots.

  3. Jennifer

    I used to shop almost exclusively at Walmart, assuming that I was getting the best price in town. Then I discovered ALDI. ALDI is consistently cheaper in every item I compared, and I have the E-mealz Walmart Family plan, so it’s easy to see what the price is at Walmart. Now I always shop ALDI first, and buy the few items I can’t find at ALDI at Walmart. I’m sure I save about another 10% off Walmart’s prices. (I did try the ALDI meal plan, but felt the selection was more limited.)

  4. Ashlie

    Our Walmart matches any sale, even buy one get one free sales. I just print off the P’s bogo list and get those items at Walmart….more savings since the original price is almost always lower. Now, I don’t like our Walmart’s customer service as much as other grocery stores. But, it’s not like Kroger, Publix, or Ingles are small town, local grocery stores either. MOST folks are shopping at your big grocery store, so why not get the most savings you can. If you are lucky enough to have a mom and pop store in your town, great, but that’s not the norm for grocery. I think we get on our high horse about Walmart, yet have no problem going to to the thrift store. So, I go to Walmart…to save money, plus as a homeschooler, I can get school supplies I need there for a lot less too.

  5. Nicole B

    I’m all about saving on food costs, but I’m also about quality. While Walmart’s products are cheap, they are also largely imported from overseas. According to The Better World Shopper Handbook ( and tons of reputable sources, Walmart gets an “F” in terms of human rights, the environment, animal protection, community involvement, and social justice. I’d add taste onto that list. I often feel that cheap, imported foods have much less taste than ones grown close to home, not frozen or canned or bagged. Sure, I can buy a bar of chocolate for less than $2, but it’s usually Hersheys and they are NOT a reputable company. How are we going to survive as a world if we get everything from outside our country at subsidized costs?
    Really, it’s just about shopping more at your local farmer’s market, or finding a farm near year to buy at least SOME of your products from. It’s small steps. It’s slow steps. And yes, sometimes it takes more time, but it’s about living with a conscience and thinking of others as you shop. Check out to find markets and farms near you with DELICIOUS food!

  6. Rachael Warrington

    I have not shopped at Wal-mart in over a year. I refuse to go in there and deal with the hassle. And I have some opinion on wally world and what they are doing to our economy, another story. I have found though that shopping at a Super Target is just as inexpensive and much easier. They have a lot of the basics, their store brand is very good, and they have a great produce department. They have lots of organic items and their deli is wonderful. It takes far less time to shop there and it is very easy to get in and out of. So if you have a target check out the groceries. I use the Whole Foods plan, but I shop at Target, this saves me even more money. I can usually get my over all bill down to $135.00 for a family of 5 adults, with left overs for lunches the next day.

  7. Judy Ouzts

    I have to agree with the previous poster who recommended Aldi. I would love to see a 3-way comparison between Wal-Mart, Aldi and a “regular” grocery store! Just for one example, we forgot to get butter ($2.29/lb) at Aldi a couple of weeks ago and I checked at Wal-Mart because it’s much closer to us. Their store brand butter was $2.99/lb. That’s a significant difference!

  8. Lee

    I absolutely have a love-hate relationship with Walmart. I hate going there, but I love their prices when I’m being lazy and not couponing. Couponing at other stores (even Publix) can at times be cheaper than Walmart – even with their price matching. Walmart looses because they don’t double coupons (which was a grocery store creation to compete with Walmart). I hate their customer service, and the fact that there always appears to only have 2 lines open. But, you’re right, if I planned my food better (which I hope to do now that I’m using your site) I should be able to save money, AND use Walmart less. Everyone wins!

  9. Laura

    I have gotten “lucky” in that we have a Walmart “Neighborhood Market” that is NOT a Super Center. I don’t know if it is a prototype store or just because I live in the suburbs of a very large city, but it is WONDERFUL. It is less busy, less of a hassle, but the prices are exactly the same. The customer service is also great. Even the ambiance is nicer. As for Aldi, yeah they are cheaper, but I have found their produce to be MUCH worse, not that Walmart’s is always wonderful. And Super Target’s prices are way higher than my Walmart, for sure. Emealz + this grocery-only Walmart has made meal planning and shopping so much more enjoyable! We pay ~$45 a week for groceries for two adults.

  10. Kaley

    I have been on the Emeals plan for almost 3 months now and I’m loving how helpful it’s been for my husband and I. The biggest reason we chose the Walmart plan was because we live in Seattle, WA and don’t have any of the other stores that Emeals plans offer and I wanted an exact price of what we’d be spending before going shopping. Unfortunately just after signing up for our plan we realized that the three closest Walmarts were not supercenters! So now I’ve got a new plan that I think is way better anyways! I use the Walmart plan because it shows me the “best price” for each of the items so that when I go to WinCo I know I’m getting a great price. Winco (named for the states they’re located in; WA, ID, NV, CA & OR and they’re still expanding)has a great bulk section where I can buy spices, pasta, baking ingredients, cereal and all kinds of nuts and candy in bulk so I’m saving TONS! But it all started with Emeals! i’d love to see Emeals expand to WinCo or other west-side grocery stores. Thanks Emeals!

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