If your kitchen were a cooking show what would it be called?

E-Mealz really enjoyed the answers we received on Facebook to our question of the day.  We asked our fans “If your kitchen were a cooking show, what would it be called?” We got such a kick out of the comments we wanted to share some of them with you. Each comment was hilarious, creative or unique and the office was full of laughter and certainly impressed with the creativity of our fans! While we could not share all of them with you, we wanted to share some of our favorites. Visit our Facebook Fan Page for the rest of the entertaining comments and feel free to leave your own.

1.         Say Yes To The Mess

2.         Hell’s Kitchen

3.         May Be Good, May Be No Good

4.         Burnt Offerings

5.         Off The Air Due To Technical Difficulties

6.         Hot Mess

7.         Lord Have Mercy

8.         Dirty Job

9.         Intestinal Express

10.       He Cooks, She Doesn’t

11.       Where’s The Smoke, There’s Dinner

12.       Mess To Meals

13.       Black and White Static

14.       Take It or Leave It

15.       Feed The Need With Speed


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