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Did you know the average person spends almost 2 hours a day utilizing apps on their phone? We know that the world around us has changed in a big way. Not only do we expect to have access to something immediately, we want the same access at our convenience.

It is no different for utilizing your eMeals subscription. We know that now more than ever families need the opportunity to access their plan while they are running back and forth between soccer games, company meetings, and daily activities that take up our precious time.

Here are just a few ways you will be able to use the app:

* Your choice of over 50 meal plan options

* Weekly meal plan that features 7 new dinner recipes

* Organized grocery list for easy shopping

* In-store sales featured in recipes for store specific meal plans

* Ability to customize your grocery list by skipping meals and adding items

How will an eMeals iPhone app change your day-to-day life?

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34 thoughts on “iPhone App

  1. Jennifer L

    I have been awaiting an iPhone app for a long time. Often I will try to recommend emeals to someone, but they will ask if there’s an app because they don’t have a printer. Plus, I’m hoping to save paper myself. I hope you’re offering an HD iPad app as well, because that’s what I use when I’m cooking.

  2. Jennifer

    This would be really helpful! I can’t wait. Will we be able to combine lists if we have the breakfast and lunch subscriptions added to our dinner plan?

  3. Ashley Sovereign

    I love all the options. Especially skipping meals and adding things. It will not have to use a different app to combine my two grocery lists. Oh…I am assuming that the Android app will not be far behind…

  4. Sally Andreatta

    So excited for this….I have been making the plan into a PDF then taking it on my iPad to the grocery store. So much easier!

  5. Lisa

    I can’t even express how excited I am! I google emeals app all the time just in case I missed the announcement! Any guess on the approximate release day?

  6. Nanette

    This is great news….I only hope that an Android App will follow shortly, or it will do me no good. I have been wishing for an eMeals app for some time now. Especially one that includes the ability to utilize a grocery list app or has one incorporated. It would also be very, very cool if you could put in the number of servings that you need and have all the ingredients adjust to fit so that you are not preparing way too much, or too little. So as an example, I have the family plan, but there are only three of us. I’d like to be able to tell the recipe the number of servings and have it adjust the recipe along with all the nutrition information automatically. But there are times when I may cook for 10….it would be great to have all the ingredients and measures updated automatically!

    Please say an Android App is coming soon.

  7. Doug

    Good news for all of the Android requests! We are also working on an Android app and plan to launch it shortly after the iPhone.

  8. Kate

    Can’t wait! I’ve been putting the .pdf version on iBooks so I can access it easily it at the store, but this will be even better. Thanks eMeals!

  9. Anna Claire

    I’ve been waiting for this! So excited! I’ve been downloading the pdf version to my iPad and using my iPad as my cookbook and grocery list. I love the idea of the iPhone app (much more handy for grocery store and for checking recipes while I’m not at a wifi spot). Do you think you’ll make an app for the iPad?

    1. Doug

      Anna, we are glad this will help you out! Yes, we plan to create an iPad App as well once we get our Android app out of the door.

    2. Courtney

      I agree – iPhone and iPad would make emeals all the better. I’m holding out to purchase a new plan until these features are added. The printing was always an issue. Hurry up, Apple. Can’t wait! Thanks!

  10. Emily

    I’ve been debating signing up for emeals and an iPhone app would make me go for it. When does it come out? I see the Hype but no launch date……….

    1. Doug

      Emily, Thanks for the feedback. We have everything done on our end and are waiting approval from Apple. Trust us, we are just as ready as you are to launch the app!

  11. Yara

    Oh, this is perfect! I can’t wait. I’ve opened a PDF of my menu on my iphone, but then I can’t check off what I already have, and shopping 3 menus (breakfast, lunch & dinner) can get a bit confusing if you’re not checking boxes.
    I can’t wait! Hurry up, apple people πŸ˜€

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