Jenny Acuff: eMeals Helps Me Build Stronger Friendships

“I’m going to be OK with this whole speed walking thing. I jog. How hard could it be? Does speed walking even really qualify as ‘exercise?’”

Those were the last words my husband Jon said shortly before I destroyed him on a 10-mile jaunt around town.

He could barely move the next day. He felt like he might need hip surgery. He complained that muscles he never knew he had were aching. Me? I was fine.


Because of eMeals.

Wait, that doesn’t make any sense. How is eMeals helping me get better at speed walking? Simple, the same way it’s helping me build stronger friendships.

eMeals gives me the most expensive resource there is in the world. The one resource you can never get more of once it’s gone. Time.

As a busy mom of two daughters, a Bible Study leader of 20 women, a wife of 11 years and all the other hats I wear, time is limited in my life. But with eMeals, I have a lot more of it.

Going to the grocery store is no longer a tedious, “What was I here for?” walk through the aisles. I storm through the store now, with my meal plan in hands, speed walking down a list of ingredients with purpose.

I don’t guess my way through the cupboards, telling my kids “It’s breakfast supper for the third night in a row!” I pick my meals. I buy my meals. I cook my meals. I go speed walking.

And on those walks, I become great friends with my neighbor Emily. That’s the secret to friendships after all. Relationships run on the same fuel that Emeals gives me more of – time.

I have time to walk, to engage with friends, to do a million other things thanks to eMeals.

The Acuff family loves eMeals because the recipes are delicious.

I love eMeals because I love speed walking.

And Jon? Well I’m not sure that he would say the same thing about what he now refers to as “the hardest exercise ever.”


Jenny Acuff lives in Nashville with her two daughters, McRae and L.E., and her husband Jon. We like to say that Jon Acuff met his match in Jenny… in more ways than one. Watch for his guest post next Monday.

7 thoughts on “Jenny Acuff: eMeals Helps Me Build Stronger Friendships

  1. Val

    I love Emeals. I came back and I’m so ready to get the dinner routine under control. I work outside the home, so this is so necessary for Moms who don’t have to worry about “What’s for dinner?” Grocery Shopping Made Easy. And the meals are tasty. Thanks for sharing this post. Love it.

  2. Tamara

    Great post and so true! I just noticed their menu, specifically the Chicken Pad Thai. I am trying out meal plans within eMeals to find the one that fits for me, and would love to know which meal plan the Acuff’s are using.

    1. Heather Brown

      Hi Tamara,
      The Acuffs use our Whole Foods family plan. Feel free to email our customer service team at and they can help you try to find the plan that fits you best and switch as much as you need to as a new member to find the most fitting plan. Enjoy!

      1. Jamie Lynn Kohut

        Does anyone have a copy of the meal plan pictured above?! I just signed up, and I didn’t know I had to save that plan! I have ingredients for several of the recipes, including the pad thai and the grilled cheese (which we WERE going to make tonight) and no way to know how to make them! Okay, so I will wing the grilled cheese, but the pad thai?! Never made them before. I emailed emeals support, but I have no idea when I’ll get a response, and I need this ASAP!!!

        My email is southernmsgirl at gmail dot com if anyone can forward this to me!

        And just so you know I’m a subscriber, the meal plan for this week I just received today has cavatappi and pork dijon! Thanks!

  3. Jamie Lynn Kohut

    Never mind! Their customer service is AWESOME!!! They just emailed me!

    P.S. I LOVE listening to the Dave Ramsey show, and I know that Jon Acuff is on his team. It’s nice to hear from the wives for a change! I love that she supports emeals because of how awesome it is!!

  4. Kelley

    Cool! Just started out and am going to save EVERY one I get… too many allergies to mention so I have to change things out often… I’ve been on several different plans and I’m sooo glad I found eMeals. Their layout is really nice!

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