Jenny Acuff ~ How To Throw a Last Second Dinner Party

Looking back on it, I wish I made a small edit to my marriage vows. They were beautiful, but I should have tweaked them slightly like this:

To have and to hold, to never call your wife and tell her you are unexpectedly bringing some people over for dinner that night.

Jon and Jenny Acuff talking about E-Mealz from their hospitable kitchen

 Maybe my husband Jon is the only one who does that. Maybe your husband sends you a text weeks in advance that says, “I love you so much sweetiecakes. Do you mind if I have one of my coworkers over for dinner in three weeks? Is that ample time for us as a family to prepare a meal for our guest?”

But, I suspect I am not alone in the last second dinner party dilemma.

And although it happens less in our 11th year of marriage than it did in our 1st, it still happens. Only now, I’m not afraid of last second dinners. Now I’m the queen of the quick meal. Why?


How so? Well there are three ways that E-Mealz helps me throw together a last second dinner party.

  1. I buy meals for the entire week.

With my meal plan, I can buy a handful of meals all at once. Gone are the days where I spend $150 at the supermarket and then unload all the groceries and think, “Wait, is there a single meal I can make out of these apparently randomly selected food items?” If I get the call Tuesday night an hour before Jon gets home that we’re having company for dinner, I just make Tuesday’s dinner. Instead of scrambling in my pantry, I just make the meal I already planned to make. The portions of E-Mealz are generous so I don’t have to worry about having enough for everyone either.

  1. I can stockpile meals.

Some days, if I’m in a “kitchen mood,” I’ll make 2 or 3 meals all at once and freeze two of them. Last second dinner guest? Bring it on. I’ll just hit the freezer, heat it up and pretend I slaved away all day.

  1. I can put the meals together quickly.

The other night, my six year old daughter said, “How come you didn’t make your famous meatballs for dinner tonight?” My first thought was, “Because they’re complicated and require roughly a billion steps.” I still have a lot of complicated family recipes in my back pocket, but E-Mealz has taught me that simple can be delicious. The meal plans offer complex flavors without complicated steps. I love that because it helps me create meals quickly.

Jon is a writer so he helped me edit this article and wanted to point out that he’s gotten a lot better when it comes to dinner parties. That’s true, kind of, but more than that, I’ve gotten better at handling last second dinner parties. And it’s all because of E-Mealz.


Jenny Acuff is a mom of two adorable daughters. She lives in Franklin, TN with her husband Jon

6 thoughts on “Jenny Acuff ~ How To Throw a Last Second Dinner Party

  1. CyndaP

    I found E-Mealz because of a tweet by your husband. I love it! I’m a CPA and this time of year is crazy busy. E-Mealz makes meal time and grocery shopping an easy process and we’re eating at home instead of always running out to get something!

    1. Judith Barber

      Ha! Begging is not beneath us! Maybe for her next guest post, we can convince her to open her well-guarded recipe “vault” and share it with us all.

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