Jenny’s Christmas Breakfast Recipe

Jenny’s Christmas traditions blog post received a slew of requests for her Christmas Morning recipe, so she agreed to share it. Our talented Mrs. Serota {Elise} created this lovely design to convey the beauty of this simple recipe. Jenny prepares this the day before and refrigerates it overnight. Jenny’s recipe is an inexpensive but elegant way to help you make your Christmas Morning a delicious and memorable tradition for your family. I plan to follow Jenny’s example, set my table and assemble this dish on Christmas Eve, too!

Jenny's Blueberry French Toast

4 thoughts on “Jenny’s Christmas Breakfast Recipe

  1. Ali and Joseph Curet

    I lost a recipe that I would like to make again! It is the shrimp salad on the ‘Publix for 2’ menu. If you could email me the entire weeks menu for that week, I would appreciate it. It was a week in November i think. I enjoyed most of the recipes from that week! I may have to switch to a low fat plan because I haven’t been a fan of many of the recipes since that week 🙁 I really enjoyed it the first three weeks though, and it’s a great idea! Chili dogs and chicken and biscuits aren’t my cup of tea. Would you recommend the low fat menu for me? My husband can’t loose weight though. And I prefer Publix for 2. Will there be a low fat version of that anytime soon?
    Ali Curet

    1. Heather Brown

      Hi Ali,
      Thanks so much for writing us with you concerns and questions. I’ve alerted customer service to your inquiry and you are more than welcome to email them. They are very efficient at responding to questions. Send them an email at and they’ll help you out.

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