Jon Acuff Brought Dinner Back!

Jon AcuffJon Acuff is one of many Dads around the world who is acutely aware of food- even if he doesn’t cook (ok…. he did one time!) And while he is keenly aware that the way to a heart is through the stomach…. he and his wife, Jenny, live out that a crucial way to connect to each other and to their two young daughters is around the dinner table.

This past week, we enjoyed the last post of Jon’s dinner challenge to his family, to us and to his readers. Jon has been journaling his family’s twelve-week new experiment with dinner… the goal being to eat at home every night. With the practical assistance of their E-Mealz plan, they went seven for seven many weeks!

Over these past three months, we have learned with him to focus on the things that matter most, and most memorably, to put the electronics in a basket during dinner! Jon has enlightened and entertained us in many ways these past weeks. You can click on these blog titles to read how our new dinner/life knowledge bank now includes:

Family meals need to be unplugged

Everyone loves a story

Your bite is your vote

Dinner is a bucket

Don’t eat stale cake

Smart lessons about sharp knives

Dinner is a catapult

There is no rewind button

Dinner is about now

Dinnertime becomes family lore

The two-minute warning


You can wait for perfect a long time.

We have had so much fun reading his blog posts, and imagining dinner at their table, we don’t want this to be over! Jon (and hopefully Jenny) will stop by our blog for a visit now and then. So stay tuned!

Thank you, Jon! You have made the last 90 days an incredible journey and challenged our thinking about dinnertime and parenting like no one else ever could!

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