Fast Meals, Slow Dinner

Jon AcuffBefore I met the E-Mealz team I’d never written about food.

I’d never talked about recipes.

I’d never tweeted about ingredients.

I thought saffron was something you made sweaters out of. Like cashmere.

I’m not a food blogger.

So then why was 2011 such a fun year for me with E-Mealz?

Because E-Mealz is bigger than just food. It’s about family.

I have two daughters. McRae is six and L.E. is eight. The crazy thing is that yesterday, they were toddlers. I promise, yesterday I was teaching them how to walk and today, they’re riding bikes without training wheels. Tomorrow? They’ll be in college.

Is that a slight exaggeration? Of course, but as a parent, that’s exactly how it all feels. And exactly why I love E-Mealz. As life gets busy and hectic, E-Mealz offers our family something really critical:

Fast meals and slow dinners.

The meals are easy to put together. The shopping is easy. The preparation is easy. The meal is fast to the table, but and this is the key, the dinner is slow. The conversation with my wife and my kids is not quick. The time we spend together is not abrupt. We have dinner as a family. We enjoy slow dinners and I’m convinced that’s one of the best ways to slow life down.

I still really don’t know what saffron is. I would chop my fingers off if I tried to do that cool cucumber-cutting trick I see people on TV do. Sometimes I accidentally eat the garnish on my plate. But that’s OK.

What I learned from E-Mealz in 2011 was bigger than food.

I learned a new way to make sure I didn’t miss my family.

And that matters a lot more to me than saffron.


Jon Acuff’s blog challenges thinking people with brilliant wit and a side-hug. Last year, Jon launched his 90-Day Challenge to “Bring Dinner Back” to his family table with the help of E-Mealz and challenged his readers to rally around the dinner table at the same time. This year Jon and Jenny Acuff are inspiring us with this blog series they call the Dinner with Dad Project.

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