Jon Acuff’s New Idea~ “I’m bringing dinner back.”

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that Jon Acuff, author of Stuff Christians Like, was about to launch a “wicked” crazy idea he has been tossing around in his brain-on-fire. Well… here it is! This is an excerpt from today’ post on his blog. He will be posting updates here beginning next Friday! Join the party!


Sometimes, I think our culture views having dinner together as a family as something that’s “old fashioned.” That might have worked for Norman Rockwell and Little House on the Prairie, but those butter churning, corn cobb pipe whittlin’ days are long behind us. The modern family is too busy to connect at the table like that anymore.

Which was why I was surprised to see the ultra modern, not even a smidge old fashioned, Huffington Post do an article recently titled, “How eating at home can save your life.”

Here are some insane things the article pointed out:

  • Research shows that children who have regular meals with their parents do better in every way, from better grades, to healthier relationships, to staying out of trouble.
  • Kids who have regular meals are 42 percent less likely to drink.
  • They are 50 percent less likely to smoke.
  • They are 66 percent less like to smoke marijuana.
  • Regular family dinners protect girls from bulimia, anorexia, and diet pills.
  • Family dinners also reduce the incidence of childhood obesity.

As a dad, I don’t take those bullet points lightly. And as I mentioned last Wednesday, I’ve realized recently how out of whack my priorities have been lately. I haven’t been focusing very well on the things that matter most.

This year, I will travel more than I ever have before in my life. Although I will protect my time at home and balance my days on the road, it will be far too easy for our family dinners to fall apart.

Maybe it’s a challenge for your family too. Continue reading today’s post on SCL…

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