Labor Not in Vain

This Labor Day, I hope all of you out there are in a place to enjoy an extra day to do some things you wish you had time to do. Do you have a list a mile long like me? Ok, but, what do you do with the list? Where do I start? This, for me, has been a life long battle. What is most important? What should I put at the top of this list?

Well, you know what? The only thing that will last is people. Everything around you someday will be gone… people are the only thing that matters. Who are the people in your life? Being in relationship with each other…giving, taking, loving, laughing, crying, sharing, challenging…connecting…is life giving to us. It’s like water to a fish; it’s our ‘heart-oxygen’.

The battle for me is determining and investing in the relationships that God has entrusted to me. My husband and my kids are at the top of my list. Another year’s worth of blog rants could be spent on marriage stuff…alone! Just suffice it say, if my hubby leaves this earth feeling loved and cherished by me, it won’t be a small miracle. I am a selfish creature. Poor guy. My kids…they are so precious. And, they are subject to me, too. I love them so desperately, but I’m very aware of how I fall short to invest in them to the extent that they need. It’s a daily battle with my selfish heart. Give…love…train…think…strategize…plan…produce…struggle…teach…hug, hug, hug…smile…delight…praise…correct…you get the picture. This is my calling and my privilege.

I want to spend this extra day with them. I want to spend my time on what truly matters. I HATE regret. It’s the bitterest taste. I have plenty of it and I don’t want any more.

Nobody has to give you permission to prioritize your life and live it out in determined passion. Go for it. Do it. Don’t wait. Don’t excuse. Find the things that bolster you up and equip you to do it. Search for that wisdom…it’s a treasure worth seeking for.

At E-mealz, our heart’s desire is to strengthen and equip families to be enriched relationally, nutritionally and financially. Like me, when I don’t use the E-mealz system, dinnertime falls apart. When I do use it regularly, I wonder HOW I can fall off the wagon!! It’s amazing. It actually helps to ‘direct’ me. Dinnertime is one of those daily, consistent things that give stability and strength to us as a family. The tool is there…so, use it!

I hope you and yours have a fun day off from the regular weekly grind and spend time with those who matter to you. Make deposits in the investment that matters. This is a labor that is not in vain.

4 thoughts on “Labor Not in Vain

  1. Margaret

    Thanks Jenny. I really needed to hear that right now. Emeals has made a difference in my life! My family loves and appreciates coming home to meal made with love.

  2. Erin

    I love you guys. I just joined (finally!) I had meant to for a long time but my pride got in the way lol. I kept saying I can do it my self! Maybe i can but this is a heck of a lot easier! Your blogs are amazing. So glad to be apart of this.

    1. Jenny Cochran

      Hi Erin! We’re so glad you’ve hopped on board…WE need E-mealz as bad as anyone! When I use it faithfully, our routine and schedule just goes so much easier. I hope you get into a good, consistent routine using the meal plans! Thanks for stopping by the blog:)

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