Need Coupons? Just Ask.

Do you ever wish you saw more coupons for your favorite brands?  Many grocery shoppers wonder at how couponers do it.  How do they have the time to cut coupons, buy the paper, make a list of what’s on sale, etc?  If you frequently find yourself being brand loyal and trying to buy your favorite products when they’re on sale, you are ahead of the game.

However, there are additional ways to save money on the brands you know and love.  It may seem too easy, but really, all you have to do is ask.  Make a list of 10 of you favorite food items or pantry staples and begin to email or write to the companies telling them why you love their product and ask if they wouldn’t mind sending a coupon your way.  It’s a win/win situation, because the company is getting feedback on their products and you may end up with a high value coupon sent straight to your email or mailbox.  I’ve even had free item coupons sent to my home just for taking 1 minute to let a company know what I appreciated about their product.

Also, if you have an unusual or disappointing experience with a product, let the company know then as well.  For instance, if you buy a brand new bag of pretzels and they are stale, let the company know you usually love the crispness and the fresh taste of their pretzels but this time you had to throw them away due to staleness.  Mention that you are on a tight budget and were hoping they could compensate you for this loss with some coupons.  I have really gotten some great coupons this way! In fact, I just got two free products coupons from Nature’s Own in the mail this week.

Just a minute of your time can turn into some deeply discounted or potentially free food and you’re giving the company something they way; your opinion!  Not all companies will send you something, but what do you have to lose?

I’ve even heard of some people who make it a goal to email at least a few companies per day or week in order to request coupons.  Do yourself a favor by saving time and money and just ask the companies you really care about to send you free groceries in the mail via their coupons!

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