What eMeals Plan Should I Use to Lose Weight?

What eMeals Plan Should I Use to Lose Weight? #eMealsEats

Consume less calories than you burn and you will lose weight. Sounds simple right? We all know that weight loss can be very difficult, and the challenges are plentiful. One key to success is to start with a plan.

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At eMeals, we offer a variety of meal plans that can help you plan your meals and keep calories in check.

For a well-balanced approach to cutting calories…

…check out the Low Calorie meal plan. Developed by a Registered Dietitian with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans in mind, this plan includes fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, lean protein and low-fat dairy. Each meal contains 500 calories or less per serving.

If you need a plan with a consistent amount of carbohydrates…

…try the Diabetic meal plan. Each week’s plan includes four meals with 50 to 60 grams of total carbohydrate and three lower-carbohydrate meals each with 30 to 40 grams of total carbohydrate per serving to help control blood glucose. This plan is a great match for those with diabetes, prediabetes or who want to control blood sugar. We provide the nutrition facts for each entrée and side dish.

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If you need heart-healthy recipes…

…try the Heart Healthy meal plan. This plan is created by Registered Dietitians in accordance with the American Heart Association recommendations, limiting calories to less than 500 per serving, saturated fat to less than 4 grams per serving, and sodium to less than 800 mg per serving per meal. The plan includes fish once or twice per week and focuses on vegetables, fruits and whole grains while limiting processed foods that are high in sodium. This plan is designed for people who have or are at risk for heart disease, have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, or simply want to follow a heart-healthy diet as a preventive measure. We provide the nutrition facts for each entrée and side dish.

Interested in trying a low-carb approach?

Our Paleo meal plan and Low Carb meal plan both limit carbohydrates, which are a significant source of extra calories in the diet of many Americans. The Paleo plan consists of meats and eggs, nuts, vegetables and healthy fats and excludes grains, breads and dairy. In addition to meats and eggs, nuts, vegetables and healthy fats, the Low Carb plan does include dairy.

Note: Our Paleo meal plan is now available in Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for a complete, all-day approach to meal planning.

Want to focus on fresh, less processed foods?

The Clean Eating meal plan helps you focus on eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains, which are all healthy sources of nutrients that your body needs and are generally lower in calories than processed foods. Eating more of these nutrient-rich, lower-calorie foods may help you reduce your total calorie intake and lose weight.

Want to keep serving size in check?

The Portion Control meal plan is specifically created to match today’s popular portion-control weight-loss programs. This plan can help make it simple to stick to your weight-loss plan by doing the planning for you.

Since losing weight really boils down to cutting calories, there are actually many different approaches that can help you succeed in your weight loss goals. It’s important to choose a meal plan that fits your family’s preferences, budget, schedule, tastes and other needs so that you can stay on track. If you need additional help choosing the right meal plan for your specific needs, get in touch with our Customer Experience team (via email: support [at] emeals.com) or the live chat box on our homepage). You’ll be on the road to better health in no time!

Even more options:

The HEALTH meal plan includes healthful top-rated and kitchen-tested main-dish recipes from Health magazine. The recipes are selected by HEALTH’s editors for a satisfying mix of seven delicious and good-for-you entrées, each including nutrition information.

-Text by Jessica Cox, RD

8 thoughts on “What eMeals Plan Should I Use to Lose Weight?

  1. Esther

    I use meal intake software to help in weight and exercise management for myself and clients. Many have asked about Emeals and although I personally use the menus, the lack of nutritional data is a hinderance. Would like it if your meals had calorie, carb, fiber and protein content available to clients along with the menus to help track their intake versus nutritional needs while cooking right. What is the reason for not publishing the information?

    1. Ashley Leath - Menu Editor

      Hi Esther,

      Thanks for your feedback! Our Low Calorie plan provides calorie information, and our Diabetic plan provides calories, total carbs and fiber for each meal. We’re also working hard on a Heart Healthy meal plan to be released in February, which will include full nutrition analysis. I hope this helps!

  2. Amy Beert

    i love emeals. I wish that each meal plan would come with calorie and nutritional data-we are a gluten free family who frequently chooses recipes from the Paleo or clean eating categories. My husband and I are conscious of our calorie intake and would like more information on the recipes. Thank you!

    1. eMeals

      Hi Kim,

      We are always taking notes as to what plans our subscribers are interested in seeing in the future. We’ll add this to our list!

  3. Debra

    I agree that the nutritional information should be provided for all recipes, not just on select plans. I’m on the Portion Control plan. Having calorie information would really help me to track my food on my app. it’s important to me.

    1. eMeals

      Hi Debra,

      Thanks for the feedback. We appreciate hearing from our subscribers and will definitely pass your request on to our meal planning team. Have a great day!

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