Men Driving the Grocery Cart

Bobby Flay, Guy Fieri, Alton Brown, Geoffrey Zakarian, Pat Neely, Masaharu Morimoto, & Robert Irvine are all household names of male chefs and foodies. It seems that men are not only coming on strong in the cooking industry, but it’s trickling down into men in the grocery store as well.

A nationwide survey of 1,000 fathers conducted by Yahoo and market research firm DB5 released early this year said 51 percent  of men were the primary grocery shoppers in their household. Of that group, 60 percent said they were the primary decision-makers regarding consumer package goods, which includes packaged food.

Not only does this create an issue for the way grocery stores are laid out, how products are displayed, and how companies market their product but it also changes our view as a society. We have to start reevaluating the way we view men as consumers. In the past, you may have seen companies even poke fun at men’s capabilities in the kitchen or as a shopper.

Now, companies like P&G and others are taking note and beginning to tailor their products and marketing towards men. Next time you’re in the grocery store look around and see if you notice more men in the aisles! I know I’ve noticed it at our local Publix when I’m shopping.

We hear lots of stories from our members of men not only doing the grocery shopping, but coming home with their eMeals list and cooking dinner. We’re curious…how many of you have men as the primary shoppers/cooks in your home?


5 thoughts on “Men Driving the Grocery Cart

  1. Branden Simbeck

    Well considering I am chief menu preparer (thank you emeals) and cook in my house, I think they do need to re-evaluate a bit. However I am not the chief shopper. I make my list and usually the wife goes, or we both go.

  2. cynthia

    My Husband and I make sure we do the grocery shopping together. We don’t get to see each other much so we usually talk and catch up while shopping. We also split the cooking responsibilities. If he cooks one night, I cook the next night and we clean up the kitchen together.

  3. Kyle Dreier

    I “help” in the kitchen quite a bit. Aside from that I’m more of a Saturday morning short-order cook whipping up French Toast and eggs for my three boys. I do very little grocery shopping for our family…only in a pinch. However, I do a great deal of grocery shopping for my work (food photography). I will say this, when driving a cart through the grocery, I DO often stop and ask for directions. :)

  4. Christopher Everett

    I am a paramedic and usually work 11 24-hour shifts per month. Though, I notice the time away from my family, it also allows me a lot of time off. This allows me time to grocery shop mid-day when the stores are emptier and also be a little “old fashioned domestic” in a new twist and have dinner already in the oven when my wife gets home from work! Yes, my wife still helps shopping and cooking, it just works out easier when I do it. I even take my sons along with me teaching them shopping/money skills along with reading health labels.

    Oh, I was introduced to emeals by another male paramedic. So, men really are using this great service!

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