My E-Mealz Story

Confession time.  I’ve never really been a good household manager.  As a young working wife, I could quite efficiently handle the day-to-day dealings of taking care of “he and me.”  Yet, when babies started arriving – 1, 2, 3 and 4 – and without family in town or a mother who could advise me, I lived in a constant state of being overwhelmed and confused.  It seemed that I was always starting something and not finishing it, and I was failing miserably at keeping food in the house and trying to pull meals together…especially in the evenings.

Fast forward a few years, those babies have grown and started to produce very busy schedules of their own – ones that keep me out more than I am in the house.  I needed help, and I needed a plan.  I started asking around to various moms whom I thought “had it together,” and that’s when someone told me about  The concept was simple, brilliant and affordable.  Here is an online service which – for a miniscule fee – would do what I was spending HOURS doing?  Not only would it plan easy, nutritious meals for my sized family, but they would provide me with a grocery list (from my neighborhood store) based on the weekly sales?  Unbelievable.

As a result of subscribing to, I not only received  the peace of mind of being able to answer the question, “What’s for dinner?”,  but it truly has revolutionized the way I shop for groceries and feed my family.  For instance:

  • Variety – I had a few meals in my repertoire, but we all grew tired of the same-old, same-old.  Now, I boldly tackle new recipes such as Middle Eastern Couscous or Italian Vegetable Lasagna.  And before, I never approached the seafood counter unless I was buying shrimp.  I didn’t know what or how much to buy – not to mention how to cook it once I got it home. Armed with my grocery list and menu in hand, I confidently order my fish, and it has become one of the favorites in our home.
  • Schedule – Before I was introduced to, I went to the grocery store “whenever.”  I hated going grocery shopping because it meant trying to sit down to plan menus for the week and grocery lists based on those menus.  I would try to do that, but I just never seemed to have enough time or inclination – which meant that I would take the pinball approach to grocery shopping.  I would bounce into a store; picking out what I thought we needed; spend way too much time and money; and usually leave without much for putting together complete meals.  Now, I have a scheduled day that I shop, and I even enter it as a reoccurring event on our family calendar.  My family knows when I go, and if they are in need of a particular item, they make sure they write it down on the list.
  • Peace – When I tried to do meal planning on my own, everyone was frustrated.  It seemed like I never had the right ingredients or enough time to prepare certain dishes.  And my family was frustrated by never knowing when or if dinner was going to happen.  Now, although we don’t sit down together every night for dinner, we enjoy family dinner nights a lot more than we used to. It’s amazing.  Just by everyone knowing what’s for dinner, it helps to promote peace in our home.

Our family is certainly not perfect, and even after subscribing to, we don’t always do it right all the time.  Yet, helped to organize this mom in order to bring healthy yet easily-prepared meals to the table without sacrificing my time or my sanity!

Andi Sims is a wife and a mother of four children ranging in age from 7 to 16, and she teaches ballet to preschoolers.  A frequent traveler, she is a member of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel which answers thousands of guests’ questions online at  This year, she is answering questions exclusively for Disney Cruise Line.  Andi also maintains her blog concerning stories, tips and ideas on everything to do with her first (and hardest) job at You can also find her on Facebook as Andi Campbell Sims and on Twitter @wifeandmomuniv.  She’s a sucker for anything chocolate, Mickey Mouse related or having to do with being more organized or efficient, and she runs to keep her sanity and to be able to eat more chocolate.  (All of her opinions here or anywhere else are exclusively hers…not Disney’s.)

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2 thoughts on “My E-Mealz Story

  1. Ashley Mama of All

    I found your site via Andi’s blog. I have been wanting to try out a meal planning program for a while now. I love to cook, but I dread menu planning and grocery lists. I waste so much time staring at the pantry, wondering what to make for dinner. I will definitely have to check out your product!

  2. Angie

    My family uses as well. I have been using it for almost 3 months and we love it. My husband said that these last few months have been the best meals he has eaten. E-Mealz has helped me to cook things I would never cook before. My original goal in using E-Mealz was to eat at home. I am proud to say, we eat at home 5 of 7 dinners. I still let us eat out a couple of nights a week.
    Now that we have been using the plan for a few months, we take menus for 2 or 3 weeks and combine them to eat exactly what we are craving that week. As I said before, we love it. I dont know how we managed without it.

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