My Favorite Emergency $10 Meal

E-Mealz, Creamed Corn CornbreadThis is a fast, simple, and cheap meal that always registers high on the ‘YUM!’ meter at my house. My Aunt Billy made this soup when I was young and I never forgot it. When I started cooking for my family I hunted down the recipe in my Mom’s archives and stirred it into my cooking arsenal years ago. It’s a faithful stand-by when I only have 20 minutes to make dinner happen. The ingredients can hibernate in my cupboard or freezer, my own culinary warehouse. Hence, its name: Warehouse Soup. Thank you Aunt Billy!

Tip: Start the cornbread first. While it’s baking, whip up the soup!

Easy Warehouse Soup

12 to 14 oz smoked kielbasa sausage
1 can condensed cr of potato soup
1 can condensed split pea w/ ham soup
1 can of diced Italian tomatoes, undrained
1 soup can of water

Cut sausage into cubes and brown in soup pot on medium high.  Add remaining ingredients and heat. Add more water if desired. 

Cream-Corn Cornbread

2 boxes of Jiffy cornbread mix
2 eggs
1 can creamed corn

Combine Jiffy mix with 2 eggs and 1 can of cream corn.  Bake in greased 8×8 dish @400 for 20 min, until done.


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One thought on “My Favorite Emergency $10 Meal

  1. Becky McNicol

    I remember this recipe from when I used EmealZ a few years ago!! I love this one!!! I’ve been looking for the recipe but lost my copy. It’s quick, easy & delicious!!! Thank you for sharing it….I know what we are having for dinner tonight 🙂

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