New Clean Eating Plan Launches

We are excited to launch our new Clean Eating Plan! These meals have ingredients as close to their natural form as possible with no processed foods and only whole goodness. This meal plan brings a lot to the table including:

  • Delicious and healthy dinners based on fresh real foods
  • Simple gourmet style that is the perfect healthy option for your family
  • Seven dinner entrees with side dishes for four to six servings
  • Shop the grocery list at any grocery store in the country
  • Easy recipes and instructions along with complete grocery list
  • Uses fresh produce and seasonal items rather than processed foods
  • Slash your grocery bill and feed your family healthy meals

This meal plan will be taking a step towards affordable healthy living.  We provide a way to enjoy family meals that follow a clean eating lifestyle but are also a bit more on the gourmet side. Your figure and your taste buds will thank you for subscribing to this plan! Here’s what our clean eating meal writer had to say:

“As we all move at a frantic pace, we tend to make choices out of convenience which can often lead us away from healthy eating. Our goal with the clean eating plan is to make menus that create good eating habits for families with a focus on affordability. As a result of this plan, we hope kids and adults alike will begin craving apples over packaged “health” bars and fruits and vegetables over the drive through. These recipes are quick and simple making a sustainable habit of healthy family dinners. ”

Have you heard of clean eating before? What do you think of our new offering?

46 thoughts on “New Clean Eating Plan Launches

  1. Karen

    I was so excited to hear of the new offering! I am on a 2 person plan but decided to make the switch. I had been altering my current low fat plan to make it cleaner so thought I would give this a whirl. It is more food than we need but hope it can make some lunches for us 🙂

  2. haemin

    i’m so glad you guys came out with this plan. it’s much more in line with the way i like to cook and eat, personally! now, are there any plans to create a 2 person version of this? 🙂

    1. Heather Brown

      Hi Haemin & Karen! We hope to come out with many more plans in the future. Keep your eyes on the website for any updates. We have many couples use our family plans successfully by making less of the meals and cutting the portions in half. Thanks for your kind words.

      1. Lindsay Tan

        My husband and I joined about two weeks ago, and we LOVE emeals, but did have to make some changes to the plan to match our eating habits better…. Now with clean eating we can make the kind of food we LOVE AND have the simplicity of an emeal package. We are also looking forward to a 2 person version of this, because even the 2 person meals make more than we can eat! 🙂

        Keep coming out with couples versions and we’ll keep recommending emeals to our friends!

  3. Amy Schantzen

    I was SOOO glad to see you come out with this plan!! I bought the living social deal quite a while ago, but wanted to wait to subscribe to see if you came out with a plan like this. My husband and I are both currently medical students, and after our Nutrition and Prevention class, our diet changed quite drastically and we couldn’t be happier! Lots of fresh fruits and veggies (esp the veggies!) with lean meats, salmon, whole grains, nuts ect. It was a little difficult to make the change but now it is our lifestyle. Eating healthy is SO important to our health! When we are physicians and we educate our patients on “eating healthier” we better be doing it as well! Actions > words. eMeals is great for us because we are super busy and we live on a very strict budget (lots of loans with both of us in school!). Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  4. Shannon Tual

    While I loved some of the meal plans I was receiving, I wasn’t thrilled with the amount of processed foods. I changed to Whole Foods, which helped move towards our food goals. This is AWESOME, because it’s even better!!! Thank you so much for making me a healthier person and better mom & wife!

  5. Carlyn

    Love the new plan! I have been using Emeals as an “idea starter” because I often switched out the processed ingredients for more natural/seasonal options. I personally know several other people who schedule and plan meals religiously for the purpose of eating healthfully, and I think this clean eating plan is going to be a big winner for Emeals!

  6. Jennifer V

    So excited! Sadly I just switched from Organic & Natual to Vegetarian, so I’ll have to wait a month to move over to Clean Eating. But this is fabulous news!!! Can’t wait to get started!

  7. Sarah Ehlers

    I just have to say that I am SO GLAD you guys decided to add this plan to the list! At the beginning of 2011, I lost ALL of my hair. It has taken us awhile to figure out what happened, but we have finally decided that I need to be on a gluten-free, chemical-free diet. I have loved E-Meals so much and my first thought when I received this news was, “Oh no! I can’t use E-Meals anymore!” This clean eating plan is absolutely what I needed. Thank you so much!

  8. Kathleen LeGrys

    This sounds wonderful! I have a fitness challenge group on Facebook and our topic this week is “Menu Planning” so this is perfect! I will recommend this site to the group 🙂 If anyone is interested in joining the challenge, you can find us on Facebook under “Fit Group Challenge” 🙂

  9. GinaE

    Thank you! I almost always cut out the processed foods in our current plan – so this goes along with the way I try to feed my family. I look forward to checking this out!

  10. Edith Pont

    This is great stuff. I’m a new foster parent and was looking for a convenient, but healthy alternative, to prepare meals for my little ones. Since I’m a working parent, this plan is exactly what I need to help me get organized. I’m definitely sharing this on my blog. Thank you!

  11. Robin

    I’m interested in signing up for your service. Is the portion control plan the only one that shows weight watchers points? I’d prefer the “Clean Eating” but a large part of the appeal of the plans is having the points calculated for me.

    1. Heather Brown

      We’ve removed all references to Weight Watchers on our plans. The portion control plans will provide you with the information necessary to be successful in your program. If you have any additional questions, contact us at Thank you!

  12. Dana

    I love the idea of a Clean Eating plan! I hope there will be a Publix variety of this plan soon, because I’m just too afraid to make the switch to a “generic” plan for fear I’ll miss out on the sale prices (and therefore a lower grocery bill). I’ve been doing the Publix Portion Control plan for a while, mainly because I know the calorie counts are reasonable. Are the Clean Eating plan’s calorie counts going to be comparable? By this, I mean a main dish in the 150 – 500 calorie range.

  13. Misty

    I am SO thrilled that you have come out with this plan! Everyone is so gluten-free crazy, that the concept of clean eating isn’t out there enough-you can still eat very unhealthy and be “gluten-free”. Far too much sugar. Thanks-I had canceled as the meal plans didn’t work for us since we don’t eat much processed foods-looking forward to trying this plan!

  14. Montina Portis

    YEA! I was a customer for 5+ years when I first heard of emealz on the Dave Ramsey show. I had to switch because my family no longer eats processed foods. I did add substitutions for a little while and am so pleased that I can now just follow the plan. Emealz is the BEST! Thank you so much. I’m signing back up!

  15. Misty

    The only thing I’d still like to suggest and have before via email-please please please “repeat” meals! It becomes exhausting to always do “new” recipes, would be easier to rotating meals with some new popped in.

    1. Crystalle

      I love this! I had to cancel my account ages ago because we started eating cleaner and just didn’t do processed foods anymore. Now I can reactivate my account!

      As for the comment about repeat meals from Misty, please no. If you want to repeat a meal, save the PDF file and reprint it at a later date. Use it to replace a meal that you may not like during the current week. I print out and keep all my E-Meals plans in a manila folder in my cookbook area.

      1. Vannessa P

        Misty, I feel the same way so every week when I print my menu, I print 2 copies. One copy is my throw away copy…I post the menu on the fridge and use the shopping list at the store. The other copy (menu and shopping list) goes into a 3-ring binder, I highlight the recipes my family liked and go back to them all the time. I reuse those recipes on weeks that I’m not doing a full emealz menu due to various life happenings.

      2. Heather Brown

        Welcome back, Crystalle! Yes, that’s a great idea, Crystalle. We have many members that do the same thing you are suggesting.

  16. Laura

    This is what I was looking for. I did not renew when my initial membership expired because I was looking for more of a natural menu avoiding processed foods.

  17. Paul M

    Hey guys glad you are moving in this direction. We stopped your services b/ the meals just were not working for how we were eating. I am going to look at the Clean eating plan but my wife and I have been eating Paleo now for the past 6 months and so even grains and legumes are out. I know it is is really strict but it is amazing how much better we feel getting rid of wheat and gluten from our diet. Any chance you’ll be looking at the Paleo Diet in the future?

    1. Heather Brown

      We have many subscribers who cut the plans in half or only cook 2 or 3 of the meals and eat them as leftovers. Let us know what you think!

      1. Annie

        Thank you, Heather – Since I’m single, one family-sized meal provides a LOT of leftovers, so I’ll consider cutting the plans & shopping ingredients in half. Admittedly, this removes one of the big draws of your plans, which is the EASE in being able to take your shopping list directly to the store (IOW, not having to do any proportioning or “figuring” on my own) 🙂 Thank you!


    Your sample menu for the “Clean Eating” plan does not show an estimated cost of the groceries like the other plans. Is the estimated cost not listed on the actual grocery lists?

    1. Heather Brown

      Hi Becky,
      Since you can shop this this plan at any store, we don’t have a way to know what the prices will be at the store you shop it at, but our estimate would be around $100 a week.

  19. Donna Stone

    I am so excited to hear of your clean eating plan! I was a member of emeals, using the weight watcher plan for my family of 5. However, I discontinued as the menus used too many processed foods/ingredients for our liking. SO.. NOW I will re-join and use this menu plan. Thank you so very, very much for going this route! I love that you shop the sales for us. Now I can take THAT off of my “to-do list” for the week.
    Keep up the great job.

  20. Jessica

    Hey! I’m really excited about this meal plan! Looking forward to getting started 🙂 I have a little bit of feedback…in viewing the clean eating sample meal plan, I was surprised to see brown sugar as one of the ingredients in the first recipe. Since most brown sugar is just refined white sugar with molasses added, brown sugar doesn’t really fit into a “clean eating” plan (in my humble opinion). It might be a little better to replace the brown sugar with honey to get the same sweetness and at least have a natural option. Just a suggestion. Thanks!

  21. Kira =]

    This is just one of the reasons why I love emeals! You listen to your customers & constantly work to accomodate them- for only $5 a month! Thank you! Excited to start this new plan!

  22. Joseph

    Hi, Heather. I am sure you are up, as it looks like you are the chief responder on a daily deal that ends in 25 minutes. Get some sleep! I have a few questions and suggestions:

    1. What is the difference between the clean eating menu and the natural menu? It looks like both emphasize natural, unprocessed foods in a gourmet way.

    2. Like others, I would really like to see the clean eating menu for two. Many of us are single, so we may or may not be cooking for two. Recipes do not always come out right if only making 1/4-1/3 of the original.

    3. Please emphasize quality control in the menus and shopping lists. There have been several instances in which an ingredient was called for in the recipe but did not make it to the shopping list.

    4. Thanks for a great service!

    1. Heather Brown

      Hi Joseph,
      Thanks so much for your comments and suggestions. Clean eating is a way to train our bodies to crave foods in their natural form. Our goal is to create menus and recipes that do just that. While some ingredients may be used sparingly to keep recipes authentic (Asian inspired recipes, etc.), they will still work toward this goal of real food. The natural and organic plan can include anything that you would find in a Whole Foods store, so some packaged ingredients that are natural and organic will still end up on the menu. Thanks for being a member!

  23. Brenda

    For the yearly fee, I am able to use more then one of your programs or do I have to pick on at time of sign up and stay with that one?

    There is only 2 that I cook for now but would like to be able to move around freely inside your program because I want to eat healthier on a daily basis but be able to change it up when the kids visit or for the holidays.



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