New Safeway Plan

We are pleased to offer the new SafeWay Family Plan to our eMeals community. This meal plan provides an incredible opportunity for families to eat healthier while still being smart with their money. We compile a weekly meal plan with family-friendly recipes that are simple to prepare that can be shopped at any SafeWay store.

With eMeals you can now feed your family with fresh real products from SafeWay for less than the price of fast food!

You can enjoy these features:

  • Simple gourmet style that is the perfect healthy option for your family
  • Based on weekly sales and seasonal specials at SafeWay
  • Seven dinner entrees with side dishes for four to six servings
  • Easy recipes and instructions along with complete grocery list
  • Uses fresh produce and seasonal items rather than processed foods
  • Slash your grocery bill and feed your family for under $3 per person per meal

Early feedback from our members so far includes:

“Loving the menu! We like that it’s healthy food..but not over the top crazy AND the kids eat are enjoying the meals too!”

“We tried the parmesan crusted chicken fillets and arugula salad tonight. Tart sauce and delicious! I felt like a chef, haha. Loving the menu!”

“I made two meals this weekend from the new plan that were huge hits with my normally picky bunch! Awesome!”

“Love it! 3 days in, the family is happy, and I’m happy. And….not any more expensive than the other regular plan I was on.”

If you want to try out our new Safeway plan, use the discount code SAFEWAY for 10% off until 5/31. Do you know anyone that shops at Safeway? Make sure you share this with them!

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5 thoughts on “New Safeway Plan

  1. Lisa Hanley

    HI, I just signed up for this and am so excited!
    When I use this plan and it shows the grocery list sale items in red, Is that the weekly special or coupons I would need to load on my card?

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